Guest post by Brooklynn McMurray Tarot as a Therapeutic Tool When tarot is presented as a tool – specifically in a clinical or educational environment- it is often easily dismissed. Many people misunderstand tarot on its most basic level, and therefore miss out on the changes it can have on your thinking, perception, and overall […]


By Nyssa Grazda The December Full Moon is known historically as the “Cold Moon”, for some pretty elemental reasons. Having gathered the fall harvest and readied ourselves for winter, the Cold Moon is symbolic of our urge to hibernate; to steel ourselves against the chill of the darkness, honoring the retreating warmth of the Sun […]

Happy Sagittarius Season – Horoscopes

Horoscopes for Sagittarius Season by Nyssa Grazda November 22 – December 21st As the Sun enters Sagittarius and we ascend from the ashes of Scorpio season, opportunities arise to recommit to education through direct engagement, participation and experience. A sense of enthusiasm permeates the cultural climate, arousing desire to affect change in line with our […]

Money Is A Spiritual Matter – A Chat With Saturn.

Money is a spiritual matter. Saying otherwise is bullshit. Somewhere along the way, a large chunk of our community (by community I mean: mystics, universe seekers, astrologers, witches) has decided that needing, and wanting money, is not spiritually fulfilling. I disagree. Extreme capitalism is not spiritual, but we all need money. Money pays for the […]