Happy Halloween – Tarot Edition

It is truly the most wonderful time the year – Halloween!

Technically being an Astrological Witch my Samhain was the first day of Scorpio – but I digress.

I won’t waste your time with a bunch of chatter. Below are my favourite macabre/spooky tarot & oracle decks.

*Trigger warning here* – animal skin/coyote taxidermy appears in one of the photos.

  • Shameless self promotion – The Antique Anatomy Tarot by Claire Goodchild (me). I don’t sell it myself currently, but it is available via Everyday Magic.


  • The Lost Tarot by Dominic Murphy. I believe I have an earlier version of this deck but here is where you can check out all of his art.


  • Zombie Tarot – This deck is widely available, but here is an Amazon Link.


  • Penny Dreadful Tarot – *may be discontinued.* While doing this post I could only find listings for $100+ CAD. If you have this deck hold on to it! Click here to see it on Amazon.




I hope you enjoyed my round up! Leave a comment with your favourite deck here, or add something to this list!

– Claire

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