By Nyssa Grazda

The December Full Moon is known historically as the “Cold Moon”, for some pretty elemental reasons. Having gathered the fall harvest and readied ourselves for winter, the Cold Moon is symbolic of our urge to hibernate; to steel ourselves against the chill of the darkness, honoring the retreating warmth of the Sun in the run-up to Solstice. This particular Cold Full Moon in Gemini is also the only Supermoon of the Year, so its’ lessons loom large, tugging at the tides in our bodies as well as in our minds.

Seen as a point of culmination, the Full Moon represents the cultivation of intentions set during the previous Scorpio New Moon, which gave insight on how to embrace personal power rather than fear it. Past traumas tend to keep us subsumed in inappropriate narratives long past their usefulness. By allowing ourselves to be defined by the past, we give oppressive thoughts the permission to control our future, and deprive ourselves of wild walks off circuitous paths.

Perhaps these new avenues for self-exploration have become clearer to you recently, gradually illuminated in your mind’s eye by the growing light of the waxing Moon. Now, in her full glory, take the time to reflect on your journey over the past few weeks. How have you been guided to this point? What does the Moon wish to show you?

Gemini is a sign of creativity, though its creative faculties are more cerebral than emotional. Often, this air of detachment breeds experimentation. Through its resonance, the act of putting pen to paper, paintbrush to canvas or lyrics to music is a way to intellectualize and rationalize the emotional process. By using creative expression as a buffer against self-doubt, there is a sense of safety in the audacious act of stepping forward out of the darkness and into your own light. When reconciling the fear-based elements of the Scorpio starting-line, the Full Moon in Gemini clarifies the particular tools you can use to feel confident. Gemini is not “big-picture”. It does not necessitate a long-term plan or a business model, it asks only that you divulge a piece of your inner sanctum which you have previously been too guarded to expose. So under the Gemini Full Moon, do you. Express yourself. Birth tangible creations under the auspices of catharsis. It may feel like you are leaving yourself vulnerable to scrutiny. Maybe there will be some scrutiny. Maybe then you will need to defend yourself and your creations, bolstering your voice. There is no negativity in exposure. Full Moon equals release. It is the breath out. In that exhale, honor the meeting of emotion and intellect by celebrating your beautiful mind.

As it opposes the Sun in Sag, the Gemini Full Moon wishes for us to find the balance between “facts” and “truth”. Gemini, an air sign, is concerned with how we communicate, socialize, and collect information. It likes facts, it is memory and memorization, and a Geminian personality will happily memorize a host of facts and relay them back to you. And yet, Gemini feels no need to weave these facts into a longer narrative, no impulse to discern a fundamental truth fashioned via their collection. The Sun in Sag, however, requires a truth to be woven, a story to be created that links the facts. At the moment of the Full Moon, the Sun also forms a tight square to Neptune, making life seem more like a Kafka-esque dream, throwing into question the very validity of reality. You may find the next few days confusing or frustrating. Interactions take on a puzzling quality. This vibe becomes further complicated by another astrological event arriving in tandem: Mercury Retrograde (or Rx).

For the next few weeks, Mercury will transit back from the final degrees of Sagittarius, conjuncting Saturn, the Sun, Venus and the Moon before going direct the day before Solstice. Contrary to popular belief, this is not a time when everything systematically goes wrong. It does, however, make communication more challenging. Any planet in retrograde essentially turns its expression inward. When Mercury’s snappy energy and verbosity turn inward, fluid movement becomes erratic and speech becomes garbled. The same goes for anything related to the conveyance of ideas, so deliveries get misplaced, correspondence is mislaid, schedules are disrupted, technology bites the dust. Because there is extra room for miscommunication under its influence, it’s preferable to avoid signing any important contracts or having any non-time-sensitive medical procedures during Mercury Rx.

Mercury Rx in Sag forces a reevaluation of what you think you know. Sound familiar? In a world where facts are increasingly hard to pin down, it is important that we do our due diligence and check our assumptions often. Tracing its steps back through Sag, the sign of the philosopher, we have to stop and reconsider why we have woven the truths together in the way we have. There is something missing, some piece of our personal philosophy that could benefit from a revision. We may only be able to learn this if we distance ourselves from codified patterns of thought and reassess how “truth” benefits us, how it insulates us, and how we sometimes wield our personal truths in inappropriate settings. Can a different method be applied to help our knowledge or self and circumstance grow instead of stagnate? The natural swiftness of Mercury is impeded during Rx, so we have to slow our roll with it. This is actually a wonderful transit for reprocessing and digesting information, and a particularly good time for reading – even though you may end up pausing every few chapters to take a breather.

As Mercury is the ruler of Gemini and the Full Moon is currently in Gemini, this will be a rather electric, buzzy time, a period of heightened frequency. You may feel mentally overwhelmed, so try to relax and make time for some self-care in an activity that grounds you. There’s a lot of air at work, so balance it out by taking a epsom salt bath or going for a nature walk; some pursuit that connects you the other elements. If you feel anxious, remember to breathe. All activity at this point functions as a release – release of creativity, release of stale thought patterns, release of critical self-judgment and release of attachment to what no longer serves you. The payoff post-Solstice is a more balanced energetic body, one with the confidence to celebrate your latent talents

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