Capricorn Season – Horoscopes

By Nyssa Grazda

December 21st – January 19th


As the Sun enters Capricorn and Mercury is poised to go direct, we are emerging from a period spent reconsidering our philosophical values, triggered by awareness of normalized injustice in cultural constructs. Now, we wish to codify what we have learned, to construct a framework to house our revised moral and ethical inclinations, born out of idealism.

At the moment of the Sun’s ingress, it makes an applying conjunction to Saturn, which will be in Capricorn for the next three years. This aspect, at 0 degrees, is both potent and rare.

The potent stuff: Any conjunction at 0 degrees works within the pure archetypal resonance of its sign – so in Capricorn, a cardinal earth sign, the Sun/Saturn will magnify qualities of self-reliance as well as self-scrutiny. We can now attain our goals through discipline. It also suggests that this juncture will be lousy with personalities trying to build monuments to their egos. It’s prime time for the patriarchy. But it’s also prime time for some major lessons in accountability. So there ya go.

The rare stuff: this conjunction hasn’t occurred since 1664. Interestingly, the North Node was in Leo back then too. History repeats itself: the will of the individual vs institutional agendas. The Moon’s opposition to the North Node in Leo as the Sun enters Capricorn asks us to assess our karmic destiny this month. How can we use technology to create community and wage the fight for individual freedoms?

This month’s Full Wolf Moon in Cancer (which is also, incidentally, a Supermoon) is one component of a powerful astrological “Kite” pattern. A Kite consists of three planets in a Grand Trine (each separated by 120 degrees), two sextiles (separated by 60 degrees) punctuated by an opposition. The resulting shape resembles its namesake. All of the aspects in a Kite are considered favorable with exception of the opposition. The opposition takes all of the “positive”, yet dormant, energies and gives them a focus; a point at which to catalyze energy, thereby making latent potential usable in a concrete way. This Grand Trine is in water and the catalyzing element is earth, so go with the flow to lay foundations. Make goals that are malleable and thus cannot snap under pressure. Do your best and try not to stress. This is but one of many Capricorn season themes.
Brief Overview of Major Ingresses / Lunations / Retrogrades:

December 21st – Sun enters Capricorn and conjuncts Saturn at 0 degrees: We step into new awareness of our social obligations and responsibilities. Law and order and the structure of society is highlighted. Accountability, practicality, consequence, ambition and accomplishment are overarching themes.

December 22nd – Mercury Direct 13 degrees Sagittarius: We use the lessons internalized during Mercury Retrograde to reconfigure and expand our relationship to philosophy and ethics. Return to ease of movement and unfettered communication flow.

December 24th – Venus Enters Capricorn: We find bliss in stability and security in partnership and financial matters. Appreciation for the less “flashy” aspects of romance. Saving instead of spending. “Settling down”. Sometimes, problematically, “settling”.

January 1st – Full Moon Cancer 11 degrees Cancer: We negotiate the balance between needing to feel loved and needing to feel secure. Faith in your abilities is the point of activation for the kite pattern. Use the gifts of the grand trine help you attract love of others with your own reserves of self-love.

January 10th – Mercury Enters Capricorn: We use our voices to address societal and socio-economic concerns. Realistic ideas and expectations. Substance and lucidity in exchanges. Slows dialogues for clear communication. Honesty. Emphasis on the rational.

January 16th – New Moon 26 degrees Capricorn: We set intentions around commitment to personal goals, and attaining social prestige. Privately-held ambitions. Emotional resilience.

January 18th – Venus Enters Aquarius: We find bliss in the innovative and unconventional aspects of partnership. Unorthodox beauty. Artistic co-creation. Group investments.
Aries and Aries Rising

What are your most profound takeaways from Sag season, Aries? The previous month’s Mercury retrograde triggered a shift in ideological perspective, enhancing your confidence while liberating you from fealty to old temples and idols. Consider how you have evolved over the past year. Chances are, you would never make compromises now that you made even a few months ago. The next step in soul growth requires commanding respect from those in your social sphere while monetizing your talents. An objective acknowledgement of your creativity on January 1st’s Full Moon makes you a highly-valued asset to a business endeavor. In tandem with Saturn’s entrance to your house of career, Mercury’s ingress to Capricorn on the 10th suggests you can make the most of this time by writing out professional goals / creating a vision board to set intentions for future financial/job security. Jupiter will be in your house of other people’s money for a minute, making this an ideal occasion to ask for a raise if you have grown with a company. If you’ve just entered a job, put your strengths on display or put in some overtime – your temerity will pay off. If you are self-employed, create an outline for projections and stick to it. Accountability attracts clients. A game-changing career-move in the second week of January could surprise you with an offer to step into an entirely new field or employ a skill set you’ve previously thought to be trivial. Even if you feel emotionally unprepared for the opportunity, take the chance and go for it. There should be very little “fake it” time before the “make it” phase sets in. Know your value. Demand that others know your value. Above all, trust your abilities!
Taurus & Taurus Rising

Dearest Taurus, I suggest you use Capricorn season to acquaint yourself with studies on neuroplasticity: the brain’s ability to rewire itself. Sometimes the hardest wounds to heal from are the psychic ones; traumas that have so deeply integrated into personality that deviation from a belief system feels like casting off protective armor. What would it be like to break the cycle and create a new normal; to rewire your mentality? This month, ask yourself if caution, particularly caution in partnership, is necessary for your survival, or if it is holding you back from letting the right one(s) in. You are now in a period of expansion in belief, and with it comes permission to gently and safely shed reliance on restrictive ideology. Your ruling planet, Venus, remains attached to the Sun for virtually all of January, so even in your densest energetic moments, optimism and compassion are at your disposal; you can use their ebullience to dispel shadows of your past. Once you deprive ghosts of their power, they cannot haunt you. The Full Moon on January 1st gives you clarity on how to express yourself more authentically with friends and partners. Let them know what you need to feel stable. From January 6th-8th look out for some particularly potent relationship lessons. As interpersonal challenges are often reflections of internal states, self-love evokes reciprocal admiration. You’re being led towards people now who are your equals, but they can only enter your life if you release expectations of cyclical trauma.
Gemini and Gemini Rising

As the social butterfly and renaissance woman of the zodiac Gemini, you’ve mastered the art of multitasking. But the thought of putting down roots typically has you running for the door. The danger, of course, in investing your time in a singular ambition, is that it could tie you down. It may expose a piece of you that you fear will be criticized. Worst of all, it may become tedious! But to live life in harmony with your passions should to be a sacred dance, not a burden! With Mars and Jupiter in your house of work, you’ve flirted with getting a passion project up and running, but perhaps you haven’t had that kick in the pants you need to take the first steps. Capricorn season says there’s no time like the present. On January 1st’s Full Moon in Cancer, keep your psychic senses honed to door-opening synchronicities and symbolism. Although you have monetary resources at your disposal, consider saving rather than spending, as thriftiness in the immediate will lead to greater future mobility. Mercury’s ingress into Saturn on the 10th, in tandem with a lucky Jupiter/Moon conjunction in Scorpio, inspires you to take a leap and express your aspirations publicly, thereby attracting serendipitous contacts eager to join forces. Keep your head up around January 18th, when despite your best efforts, you may feel overwhelmed and frustrated by the slow pace of a project’s growth. This month’s lesson is to trust that you will draw the right people and resources to you if you pace yourself and work from a place of authenticity. The challenge lies in not being afraid to dig deep- to get intimate with your desires and stay focused instead of flitting to a distraction that is easier to master but less fulfilling.
Cancer and Cancer Rising

Sweet Cancer, Sag season saw you reassessing the merits of your involvement with projects and people that are not supporting your growth. You have a kind heart, but your willingness to accommodate tends to make you an energetic beacon for troubled souls. Capricorn season sees you centering yourself and subsequently attracting kindred spirits that appreciate your sacrifices and emotional labor. January 1st’s Full Moon in your house of identity gives clues on how to speak your truth in collaborative contexts. A mutual idealistic vision should serve as a foundation for any shared commitment. Saturn is in your seventh house of relationships for the next three years, giving your partnership investments stability and security, but be on the lookout for transformative personalities that step on the scene around January 9th, ones that dynamically alter your assumptions around pair bonding. There could even be a soul mate waiting in the wings, but remember, soul mates enter your life to help you evolve, and evolution can be messy. Evolution often occurs during recognition of ones own multivalence. The fact is, your relational identity is only a small piece of the puzzle. You are vast! Creativity is your strongest asset right now, and needs an independent outlet to blossom. During the New Capricorn Moon on the 16th, ask the universe how you can participate in co-creation without losing sight of your personal ambitions.
Leo and Leo Rising

Well Leo, Capricorn season finds you taking those creative ideas you came up with last month and turning them into enterprises! You don’t need to have a full game plan in the immediate (we are still coming out of Mercury retrograde after all). There are bound to be some revelatory surprises that crop up within the month, steering the course of your professional affairs in ways you hadn’t anticipated. Tend to the broad questions: What are your creative intentions? How can you negotiate spirituality and money?  Then address the minutiae: think analytic tools (stats, data) or broadening your social media network to boost cultural interest. The Full Moon on the 1st wants you to pay attention to your intuition, your instincts and your gut, as they will be crucial components in grounding your business affairs in the coming year. The universe urges you to create sustainably and pragmatically, while imploring you not to lose your psychic sensibilities in the process. The Full Moon also brings lessons in self-care: no matter how many exciting opportunities come your way, you cannot engage with them if your physical and energetic body is strained. You are only as successful as your wellbeing allows, and health matters shouldn’t be eclipsed by your work. So take it slow, Leo, and trust the process. Protip: examine how your lineage has prepared you for the journey you are undertaking. During the New Moon in Capricorn on the 16th you may make some unexpected ancestral discoveries.
Virgo and Virgo Rising

As your ruling planet, Mercury, was retrograde last month in your house of home and roots, you likely had to grapple with some frustrating familial encounters. Surprise! We are different from our elders. The nose shape could be the same, but the ideological similarities may not be as defined. Saturn’s ingress into Capricorn magnifies generational gaps, and it can be disheartening when you can’t relate to someone you love. But if words don’t get your point across Virgo, living your truth might. So pace yourself. Trust your process. Use your courage. Capricorn season wants you to turn lemons into the most delicious lemonade of all time.  The Full Moon asks you to share your joy with your chosen family – your friends. It’s a perfect astrological moment for forming New Year’s resolutions. What pleasures fuel your heart and feed your soul? While last month may have felt lonely, there’s every indication that Capricorn season will support you and hold space for your creativity to blossom. Let your guard down and embrace your inner child. This can be a magic month for you, with the Sun/Venus conjunction in particular offering good vibes and beautiful experiences. Don’t try to force the magic to hold a certain shape though. Whatever you are crafting now is in flux. This moment is for remembering your gifts, acknowledging your individuality and making time to play. Structure will arise organically.
Libra and Libra Rising

Last month, as Mercury moved in retrograde fashion back through your house of communication, you may have felt perpetually at a loss for words, constantly bumping up against invisible walls, running into frustrating hangups. Now, Libra, the cobwebs seem to be clearing away, and what is left is a desire to create a sacred space that revitalizes you after a rather disorienting journey. Your focus turns to your home, your nest, a place of respite that feels comfortable and safe. How to begin this nesting? For the past three years, as Saturn moved through Sagittarius, you’ve had the ability to learn much about yourself through traveling, experiencing new cultures and building new belief systems. You have probably also settled into a community on the domestic front that feels like a second, or even primary family. Take cues from your adventures and your tribe and style your home in tribute to all that you have encountered. What are we if not amalgamations of the people we’ve met and places we have been? The Full Moon finds you making smart money choices that assist you in building a stable and harmonious homelife. It may even mean that your home can double as a place of work. The Sun/Venus conjunction throughout the month will give you some clarity on how to apply ritual to your spaces in the interest of relaxation, entertainment, romance and good fortune. Ritual can be as involved as building an alter or as simple as redecorating, or filling your house with good music and company. Venus’ Insights on the 9th fundamentally reframe your relationship to family, and inspire you to create a home that honors your ancestry while staying true to your personal tastes.
Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

The year continues to weave potent shadow spells for you, Scorpio. Cap season sees the Sun entering your third house of communication, though perhaps the month’s primary energetic influencer is Mars, and its intimate proximity to Jupiter in your 1st house. While your task now is to use your agency to broaden your perspective on cultural conversations through fact-checking and investigation, the Mars placement suggests dalliances into activism as well. You are steadily awakening your latent power reserves, and you recognize now more than ever the disparity between those who have power and those who do not. Do you feel angry, or do you feel energized? Do you want to level the playing field or smash the playbook? Could you maybe do both? The Full Moon on the 1st further elucidates how you can use use shadow work, lineage lessons and advocacy in tandem, to inform changes in society. Be on the lookout for BIG insights on the 9th that transform your participation with media. Your voice can move mountains. Your perspective can enlighten the masses. It may just be that the world has to meet you on your terms rather than the other way around. The New Moon on the 16th will be an excellent time for ritual: aim to expand your network, take on new positions in the community, engage with a wide variety of people and inspire them to mine their own power reserves.
Sag and Sag Rising

Is wealth determined by money in the bank, or by accrual of less tangible assets; knowledge, affection, freedom of expression? Your assignment this month, Sagittarius, is to clarify what types of riches are most important to you, and work on manifesting them energetically. Sensory pleasures and aesthetics feed your soul while the Sun sits in your second house, so pay attention to beauty in your environment and take breaks in nature for a mood boost. The Full Moon shows you how to harness your intuition, intellect and instincts to attract good fortune. (Protip: With Saturn entering your money house for the next three years, January is a perfect time to open a savings account.) Be careful not to equate your self-worth with material achievement. The Sun/Venus/Pluto conjunction on January 9th wants you to focus on discarding poverty consciousness and curtailing self-deprecating beliefs. Your attitude has much to do with your perceived successes, or lack thereof. The challenge of Capricorn season is to own yourself, to be accountable for your actions and choices, and thereby create your own reality instead of living at the mercy of external conditions. You may opt to keep this journey private to avoid interruptions/criticisms/unasked-for recommendations from well-meaning friends and relatives, at least until Venus moves into Aquarius on the 17th.
Cap and Cap Rising

Happy birthday Capricorn! You are exiting a period that may have felt more private and secluded, giving you time to reevaluate your priorities and get right with your spiritual center. The Sun shines in your first house of identity and personality this month, and all signs point to this being a particularly potent time for you. Your no-nonsense attitude makes you a popular commodity and people want you on their team, so you may be pulled in several directions on the social front. Find where you are most valued and invest your energy there. You may be offered a new job or a role within a current career this month that brings you better earnings, more confidence, and a renewed sense of purpose. A longstanding Sun/Venus conjunction in your first house holds throughout January, shining luck on your financial situation, but, when the Sun, Venus and Pluto conjunct on the 9th, try not to fret over money matters. You may be overextending yourself, so let Pluto make its’ revisions, keep calm, and don’t stress about what the picture looks like in the immediate. With Saturn entering your sign for the next three years, you’ll have ample opportunity to recoup any losses. As backwards as it seems, you’ll be in really good shape if Pluto gives you a little bit of a scare to temper your inclination towards risky or unwise investments. The New Moon acts as a self-esteem booster: you are strong enough to take on new life challenges. It also nicely prepares you for Venus’ ingress into Aquarius and your 2nd house of money on the 17th. This social placement finds you to seeking out new networks that inspire innovative communion with your values, both material and social.
Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Capricorn season presents an interesting dichotomy for you water bearers. The gift of the Aquarian mind is innate sensitivity to the buzz of your surroundings and community, yet this same buzz can drown out psychic abilities. This month encourages you to shore up intuitive impulses and create distance from any social conditions which prevent you from hearing your inner voice. Saturn’s ingress to your hidden house for the next three years presents an additional contradiction: the hidden house is about karmic release, but Capricorn wants to build foundations. How will you negotiate the two? You may choose to develop a meditative practice, art project or daily journal exercise, where catharsis stems from routine. By seeking communion with the subconscious, you gain access to wisdom downloads from the universe; downloads that are impossible to access when overstimulated by sensory distractions. During the Full Moon in Cancer, financial, emotional and social factors outline a path to psychic healing. Around the 9th, you may find yourself the recipient of secret intelligence that alters your obligations to the community or workplace. What do you want to do with this information once you have it? On the 17th, Venus moves into your 1st house, giving you extra allure. It may be because of the wisdom you’ve garnered in Capricorn’s good graces. Confidence and mystery pair well together.
Pisces and Pisces Rising

Pisces, the back half of 2017 was largely about aligning your spirituality and your stamina. You’ve become the master of self-study, applying yourself to your vision in a sensible and pragmatic way. Your porous nature makes you the perennial student, but Capricorn season wants you to take a crack at being the teacher, in whatever arena feels most comfortable to you. The Full Moon asks you to call students to yourself using creativity as an exercise in catharsis. You may not consider yourself an educator or a healer in the traditional sense, but your personal story inspires others to begin their journey of healing. Perhaps you’ve thought about starting a blog, creating a youtube channel, facilitating an online class or using social media to find peer groups. Technology will help you in whatever endeavor you undertake, and will shape the context of your teachings. Around January 9th, things start to really click, as you hit your stride exercising your authentic voice in a way that connects with people and connects people to each other, establishing community. You have a gift this month for using dynamic platforms to unite like-minded souls. Don’t squander this opportunity! As Saturn moves into your 11th house of friends and networks for the next 3 years, the people you meet now have a purpose – to force you to own your place in the greater whole. Your tribe is within earshot if you are brave enough to call out to them.


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