Aquarius Season Horoscopes


January 19th – February 18th

by Nyssa Grazda

We’re moving out of a particularly dense energetic period. A period of relative darkness both seasonally and emotionally. 2018 kicked off with a major call to cosmic purpose, the sky heavy with planets in Capricorn, imploring us to call a new paradigm into existence by reconstructing our idea of identity, exploring our fears and owning our responsibilities. Conjuring has been a major theme, as well as the truth that, though we may have prepared ourselves to do the “hard” work, the statement looks a lot different in reality than it does on paper. Turns out “hard” work has nothing to do with work having a tedious, laborious or time-consuming nature. It has to do with the work being legitimately difficult; what we avoid due to our dread of failure, our insecurities and deep traumas. During Cap season we have been pushed to show up and be present for our own life transitions. The goat-fish wanted us to pay attention to how to build the journey. Aquarius season wants us to hold our unfinished structures up to the community and say “what’s next?”

Venus remains by the side of the Sun as it ingresses into Aquarius. With the light of the evening star paving the road with glitter, we are set up for some rather alluring and intriguing experiences this month. But the Sun + Venus in an intellectual sign like Aquarius makes captivation a cerebral prospect. Here our ego and our joys are attached to ideas. We like the efficiency of things this month. We like innovation in action, and it’s just this combination that makes progressive thought attractive. Aquarius is also community-oriented, so this is a month to get out into the world, create new initiatives, meet new people and get things accomplished. Joy in discovery is one of the highest representations of this transit.

Two eclipses occur during Aquarius season: the transits receiving the biggest buzz over the coming month. January 31’st Blue Moon / Full Moon Eclipse in Leo asks us to find the balance between our self-expression/ego drives and our ability to give to the greater whole. We can find our voice in the collective at this time, for the collective allows us permission to experience personal dreams through community outlets and to exist without judgment for our eccentricities.

On the internal spectrum, we should also be using the Full Moon to navigate new avenues of artistic creation. Leo Moon energy likes status quo, because it understands how to traverse the terrain safely without the dreaded “unknown” bruising its ego. Have you ever seen how a cat slinks low to the ground when they’re in unfamiliar territory? That is how the Leo Moon feels when counterbalanced by the Aquarius Sun. This eclipse is about feeling it all out, feeling when it’s safe to stand up all the way. How can you blend the need for emotional safety and unabashed innovation?

The Full Moon also becomes exact less than an hour from when Mercury enters Aquarius, meaning that the eclipse energy fosters communication, allowing the dam to break open, loosing all the thoughts we considered too outrageous and unorthodox to broach with Mercury in conservative Capricorn. This will be helpful because whatever we feel hesitant to vocalize during the transit will get a boost from Mercury’s quick and painless expression.

The New Moon in Aquarius on February 15th is a partial solar eclipse. Yowza. Do you remember the vibes surrounding the Leo Solar Eclipse last year? Shadow material began to come to the surface of collective consciousness en masse. Whereas the Leo Solar Eclipse fell in the sign of kings, and therefore revealed shadows in privilege and  patriarchy, the Aquarius Eclipse comes in the sign of the rebel, the genius. Therefore it speaks more to the shadows of the realities of the oppressed, minorities and the LGBTQIA community. Community engagement is enhanced through this transit. There may be opportunities for unorthodox legislation, technological advancement and on the personal front, setting intentions around authenticity and growth. The Sun/Moon conjunction (all New Moons are conjunctions) will also be within a degree of both Mercury and the goddess asteroid Juno. This speaks directly to the divine feminine aspect of self, demanding that it be renewed, validated, and vocalized. Juno has to do with accepting the good and the bad in relationships, as well as acknowledging the manifestation of our own psychic shadows. How have we subverted the feminine through misogyny? How can we work to reclaim this? Feminism does not hold up unless it is viewed intersectionally. We can use this New Moon to set intentions around curtailing our complicity in marginalizing ourselves and others. The quickest way to evolution is to experience a shake-up in our defining perspective. The Aquarius New Moon and Aquarius season in general is very good at that.
Brief Overview of Major Ingresses / Lunations / Retrogrades:

January 19th – Sun Enters Aquarius: We step into new awareness of our eccentricities, visionary ideals and intellectual powers. Invention, equality and community are highlighted. Genius, freedom, logic, and rebellion are overarching themes.

January 26th – Mars Enters Sagittarius: We unite methodology and ideology. Restless physical energy. Changing course. Motivation to get ahead. Passion. Working so you don’t have to try so hard.

January 31st – Mercury Enters Aquarius: We use our voices to bolster the ideas of our communities. New approaches to old ideas. Unorthodox perspectives/dialogues. Placing stock in innovation over status quo. Communicating through technology/social media.

January 31st – Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 11 Degrees Leo: We negotiate the balance our own needs and the needs of the collective. The greater good. Letting go of what hinders us. Exploring the shadows of creativity, having faith in the process.

February 10th – Venus Enters Pisces: We find bliss in unification. The promise of a dream. Distinct personalities melding. Illusions in love. Co-dependency. Heightened sensitivity to music, art and poetry. Consciousness-based attraction.

February 15th  – New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse 27 degrees Aquarius: We set intentions around advancing equality for humanity. Freedom. Choice. Evolution in perspective. Self-awareness (the good and the uncomfortable).

February 17th – Sun conjunct Mercury Anaretic degrees Aquarius: Powerful potential genius, or debilitating ideological inaction. The goal: having the confidence to voice ideas and the guts to turn ideas into reality.

February 17th – Mercury Enters Pisces: We may not actually use our voices. We may opt to stay silent and intuit the vibe of the room. Psychic abilities (we all have them). Non-verbal communication. Subliminal messages.

Aries and Aries Rising

If the past few months have forced you to own your voice and know your value, then Aquarius season should be about refining your approach, Aries. It’s clear that you can form a plan and see it through. But when one is at the helm of business, doing super Capricorny-pragmatic things, it’s possible to lose sight of the passion that got you there in the first place. Passion is what sets sets you apart from the herd. As your ruling planet, Mars, changes hands this month and moves into Sagittarius on the 26th, you’ll find that what you do has to stem from a desire for self-enhancement through self-discovery. If you are the best in your field but it’s not what you love, you’ll start to feel that centaurian tug beckoning you back to the wild. With the Sun and Venus in your 11th house of social life and friendship this month, your focus lies there. Connect to interesting people with different backgrounds and identity expressions. Their enthusiasm inspires and their confidence in your abilities is a grounding factor. The Full Moon eclipse in particular invites you to create narratives in ceremony with unique people who expand your mind through play and entertainment. This night in particular feeds Mars in Sag. The New Moon forms a wide square to Jupiter in your 8th house – be aware that integrating this energy may feel somewhat like a power struggle between your heart and mind. Set intentions around how to respect the process of innovation without compromising your power.

Taurus & Taurus Rising

Try a totally new approach to your professional work this month, Taurus. Insights on expanding a business plan or stepping into a new skill in the workplace may strike you like a bolt from the blue, but in essence your intuition has been encouraging you into territories where serendipity and service easily coalesce. With Venus, your ruling planet, conjoining the Sun in Aquarius, it is important to you that any undertaking is not only innovative, but it has panache. Your personal style frequently means you stand out from the crowd. This month your ideas inspire the same deference. Your voice, your uniqueness, your attitude, and how you project yourself in spaces is an important feature of Aquarius season. The Full Moon eclipse reminds you need to be present in the profession you are crafting. Whether you are learning a new skill, starting a trade or creating art, you have to know where you fit into the story, otherwise it’s just manufacture for the sake of itself, a narrative-less production that won’t connect with your audience. Interpersonal connections stem from honesty. An energy shift when Venus enters Pisces on February 10th encourages your involvement with other intuitives or spiritual personalities in your community. By the time the New Moon rolls around in tandem with Mercury’s ingress into Pisces, you’ll be prepared to speak about your dreams while connecting the dots of your history and future.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

Embrace the journey this month, Gemini. Yes, even the messy bits. The Full Moon on the 31st coincides with your ruling planet, Mercury, moving out of earth-bound Capricorn and into intellectual Aquarius, enhancing your powers of mental acuity. But be aware that your rationality could read as detachment, and truth be told you’re a bit prone to disparagement this month, critical of people who don’t catch on to the broad themes as quick as you. If you cool it on the judgment front, Aquarius season is rife with positive take-aways. The Eclipse cautions you to check your facts, rather than putting stock in ideas that sound good without having a sound basis. That factoid you’ve repeated without ever questioning its validity? Maybe it’s time to double-check. It’s so common in the internet age to pass on information and later learn it was fake news – make sure you’re not contributing to the confusion. As Mars moves into your house of relationships and makes a cheerful sextile to Mercury, there could be a potential partner (romantic or otherwise) that opens you up to new cultural/spiritual ideas that have a big impact on you. “Big impact” doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be a convert. Aquarius season is about discerning – it’s equally important to know what ideas you vibe with as the ones you don’t vibe with. February 15th’s partial solar eclipse cements the philosophies you want to hang onto and let’s you scrap the ones that for whatever reason no longer resonate.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

When you show up for yourself, others recognize your power, Cancer. Because of your natural watery, empathic bent, when you’re deep in your feels, it is hard to divorce yourself from the idea that your “value” is predicated on your “use” to another person, institution or enterprise. With success contingent on an outside factor, you can wax subjective and become lost. This month, as the Sun and Venus pair up in your 8th house of sex, death and other people’s money, the unorthodox Aquarian energy allows you to observe yourself as if out-of-body. Momentarily freed from obligation to convention, you gain the sobering ability to see yourself as a creature with untapped reserves of strength and sensuality. Use what you have to get what you want, and for your own sake, don’t feel guilty about it! You are the wild woman, and your mystique is palpable. You owe it to yourself to explore the aspects of your psyche that benefit from disregarding the popular narratives about worthiness. The Full Moon Eclipse shows you how to profit from sound emotional/financial investments. Question the motives of those who come calling and make sure you don’t give your power away to those who would misunderstand the depth and complexity of your inner workings. After Venus enters Pisces on the 10th you’ll gain perspective on how to channel your newfound sense of self-worth. During the Aquarius New Moon on the 15th, set intentions around aligning self-love with material abundance and watch both grow in tandem.  


Leo and Leo Rising

The Sun and Venus shine a harmonious light in your house of partnerships this month, Leo. When you’re feeling yourself and not stressing the small stuff, your gravitational pull is strong. If you’re not in a relationship at the moment, all signs point to you attracting strangers who see your shine. If you are in a relationship, this could be a time of rekindling affections by trying new approaches to the established dynamic. Last month you were called to shore up your psychic senses and boost your professional affairs. Some of you may have dealt with a health issue that set you back. Hopefully all that heavy Cap stuff didn’t derail your faith in yourself or your dreams. Mars moves into your 5th house this month, meaning that it’s time to let your sense of childlike-wonder inform whatever plans are on the table. You may figure out how to incorporate a creative element of your philosophy into a mission statement. But not everything is hearts and roses and Venusian charm. While Mercury hangs behind in stodgy Capricorn, beware of self-deception. There’s a lot of glamour during Aquarius season – make sure you use it to weave honest magic for yourself and others instead of good-looking falsehoods or prepare to answer to the laws of karma. The Full Moon Eclipse is a reminder that your ego needs have a place in partnership, but you have to understand them as just that – ego needs, not universal truths. Don’t let misunderstandings or hurt feelings blind you; keep dialogues open! Venus’ ingress into Pisces on the 10th grants communion with your deepest desires. The New Moon on the 15th absorbs your ego drives to more holistic ends in relationship.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

This month is about energy for you Virgo; how much you have, how much you think you lack, and where you have placed it. It could be time to consider divesting yourself from any commitments or long-standing energy exchanges that are not serving you, but in reality, your departure will probably occur organically with little or no to-do over the next few weeks, given your current openness to radical readjustment. For once, your brain is not in critical self-flagellation mode. You have a good grasp on your tolerance level for drama, nonsense and ignorance, and you have no issue with walking away from negativity, especially when it is coming from coworkers, colleagues or clients who are, in theory, soliciting your help. With the Sun and Venus in your sixth house of service, you will be recognized this month for your capacity to hold space, and center/prioritize the people and causes that need you most. Your gratitude for life’s small blessings adds up to big energy boons. The Full Leo Moon eclipse strikes balance between the service you provide to others and service to your own sacred psychic abilities, i.e. creating healthy boundaries. Ask how you can incorporate your spirituality more deeply into everyday activities. Your authenticity inspires, however, some may find your skills interesting in a surface way and will be quick to try to emulate you with little respect for your practice. If this happens, claim your authority. You are not a commodity to be commercialized. Mars in your 4th house of roots gives you permission to advocate the knowledge and gifts you were born with. The New Moon in Aquarius allows you to shed any negative energy coalescing in your auric space.


Libra and Libra Rising

With Saturn locked for the time being in your 4th house of home and roots, your responsibilities are rather domestic, Libra. But the Sun + Venus traveling through your house of creativity indicates that home life is just as interesting and inspiring as anything beyond your walls. In fact, those walls give you the security to be more honest in your self-expression. What would it look like to let your creativity loose, in the safety of your home, unchaperoned? Maybe it will look messy. Maybe it won’t be lucrative. Maybe it will be cringeworthy in it’s honesty. Maybe it will be disruptive to those who assumed they could corral and define you. Maybe it will be disruptive to your own assumptions of self and identity. Maybe it will be the best experience you’ve ever had; something that connects you to your deeper purpose. Aquarius season calls on you to create, sing, write, invent and express. The Full Moon Eclipse is an opportunity for a meeting of the minds between yourself and your colleagues. With Mars entering your house of communication, it will be important not to stifle yourself for what looks “correct” this month. Govern yourself by your feelings and pleasures. If you are shamed, criticized from a place of jealousy or malice, or pressured into dimming your light or dulling your shine, it is time to dismiss the haters from your space. At this point you need allies that believe in you and your potential. During the New Moon, with Venus speeding ahead into Pisces, set intentions for unifying your dreams and daily life.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Explore your past to discover your future, Scorpio. While the Sun traverses the darkness at the nadir of your chart this month, you are called to ceremony with your primal self. How has where you’ve come from informed who you are? With Venus joining the Sun in your 4th house of home and roots during Aquarius season, unearthing ancestral shadows feels more euphoric than anxiety-inducing. There are playful ways to forge connections you assumed were lost: try a DNA test to discover more about your heritage, use library resources to track down lost lineage, or take a road trip to a destination prominent in your family history. Technology can serve as a good resource, but you’re likely to find the same results by convincing that one aunt to fork over a box of snapshots or recipes. When you know where you are from, you can more easily understand where you are being led, and how your existence is part of an important unbroken chain. During the Full Moon, consider whether you are in a line of work that allows you to be potent. Evaluate how to align your career with your soul growth. Mars leaves your sign this month to travel through Sagittarius and your 2nd house of material possessions. Having money may feel important now, as you equate physical currency with freedom. Don’t get distracted by long-shot gambles. You have the idea currency that will get you where you want to go. Brainstorm how to turn your designs into dollars for a bigger payout. During the New Moon in Aquarius, set intentions around dissolving the masks you wear to keep the world at a distance. You are powerful enough to do without them. Your ancestors are listening and want to help.

Sag and Sag Rising

You may have gotten into a pattern where you only look at situations from one angle, Sagittarius. This is the month to change that, and the tidiest route to perspectival overhaul comes through being in contact with a variety of new people. With the Sun and Venus in your third house of communication, you attract those who want to talk about diverse, esoteric or niche subject matter – the things you find interesting. But while these contacts may share your interests, they inevitably have different P.O.V.s, and discovering variety is crucial to your growth right now – it really is the spice of life. Be open to learning from others. This is a time for reciprocal engagement. The Full Moon Eclipse is a great time to change your opinions. You may discover that long-held beliefs don’t work for the new and improved you. If you’re a fan of self-study it won’t cut it during Aquarius season – get out into the world and participate. With Mars spending some quality time in your first house, you strongly identify with your work ethic now. You’re virtually unstoppable during this transit, just take heed not to overextend yourself and risk a burn-out. On February 2nd, Mars in Sag (stamina) makes a lucky sextile to Mercury in Aquarius (intellectual curiosity) – a great time to start a new project. Use the New Moon on February 15th to consider how to use your voice to foster a community initiative.

Cap and Cap Rising

This month consider starting up a practice that aligns your body and mind Capricorn. Whether it be yoga, breathwork or running, establishing an earth-bound routine is an act of empowerment; a reminder to call back energy you would blindly give away. (Honestly, this doesn’t have to be fitness-related. If dressing flamboyantly in the office or eating an amazing sandwich pleasurably connects your mind and body, then go for it.) You have some heavy things on your plate at the moment, and feeling grounded and present can alleviate mental stress. Saturn sitting in your identity house for the next couple of years compacts the sense of responsibility and weight already present with Pluto: you may be settling into a new role in life.  Responsibilities don’t have to be stifling though. Approached the right way, they can be freeing, clearing away unnecessary clutter and setting your feet on a path that feels fated. To get the most out of Aquarius season, you must define what you value in life, and the Sun + Venus in your material house this month helps you gain some clarity. You might connect to a new community or align yourself with a social group that shares your value set. The Full Moon eclipse shows you how to not fear transformation, and to use curiosity of the unknown to alchemical ends. As Mars makes it passage through your hidden house, your motives become more rooted in spiritual consciousness; here you evolve through imagination. The New Moon partial solar eclipse sees the alchemical reaction seeded – set intentions around manifesting money, magic and community.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Happy solar return Aquarius! This month it is all about you! As the Sun and Venus travel through your first house of identity, owning your more unconventional sensibilities grants you admirers and gives you new opportunities to self-actualize. Aquarius season is somewhat like a play in two acts. Before January 31st’s Full Moon, you may encounter more situations where you are recognized for your dynamism in a surface way. You are in the process of coming into your power, connecting to your goddess sensibilities, honoring your eccentricities and creativity, and not apologizing to anyone for what you feel, how you create, who you choose to love and where you choose to direct your attention. And what you see is what you get. But strangers and friends may feel this shift and reflexively misinterpret how to communicate with you. Almost like you are a rare exotic bird; admired but not totally understood. Don’t let their confusion prevent you from feeling yourself (I doubt it would – but just in case you took pause!). After the 31st, Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in your first house. Having had extra time to incubate in a pool of intuition, Mercury now lends speech to the operation, giving you the option to drive culture with your unique ideas and perspectives. Mercury in Aquarius makes others feel like they can approach you, learn from you, speak to you like you’re not a bird. We need radical wisdom this month, and you can be a trailblazer if you so choose. The Full Moon Eclipse asks how you negotiate energy with ego. Where do you want to enact change and how can bring joy to your process? Your talents and voice are your most important tools this month. Mars traveling through your house of friends means that you could benefit from a group project, a joint exhibition or a collaborative operation. The New Moon partial solar eclipse asks you to set intentions on how to disrupt status quo, thus making the world a more diverse and interesting place to be alive.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

Aquarius season reads as an initiation for you, Pisces. The Full Moon eclipse forecasts changes to your spiritual practice and may come across as disruptive if you are unwilling to redefine some of your assumptions. Spirituality doesn’t always mean zen retreats or candle-filled rooms. Sometimes it’s really weird looking, uncouth or awkward. In order to broaden your scope of understanding, you may be called to hold space for personality types that you would have never allowed in your bubble before. While you’re stewing in this space, it is important to cultivate strong energetic insulation to avoid exhaustion. Mars in your 10th house of your social sphere could be the factor most likely to pull you from your incubating cocoon, as you identify with your career at this point and are throwing a lot of energy into your professional affairs. But you are learning how to embrace the role of the teacher/mentor, so you must acknowledge your authority on certain matters while also being open to having your perspective turned on its head at intervals. That’s commitment to life-long learning. Can you juggle both of these responsibilities? On February 10th, Venus ingresses into your first house of self. The planet arrives several days before the Sun enters, so in a way it leads the charge into your birthday month as if rolling out the red carpet. The New Moon lets you set intentions around manifestation. How can technology, the great purveyor and transmitter of human consciousness, help you negotiate the student/teacher role?

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