Pisces Season Horoscopes


By: Nyssa Grazda

February 18th – March 21st

Last month’s Lunar and Solar Eclipse were astrological highlights, bringing to a close signatures on the Aquarius (communal) -Leo (selfhood) axis that began last summer. We’ve had a lot of information to process, and it’s natural to feel a bit spent in the immediate while simultaneously motivated to renew participation in the community, streamlining pathways for collaboration and innovation. Individual creativity has likewise been called to action. It’s time to be courageous and commit to sharing your gifts with the world. Today, the Sun and Mercury ingress into Pisces, and this celebration of creativity takes on a spiritual emphasis.


Pisces season wants us to recognize (or remember) shared cosmic origins, engendering us to see the divinity in the people we encounter. Interconnectedness is a major theme, and promotes the creative act through artistic and psycho-spiritual mergers. Neptune has been in Pisces for several years emphasizing our dreams, heeding us to trust the magic of the imagination. But such a strong pull into Piscean waters also threatens a loss of perspective, where we may become suspended in a morass of illusion. With five planets occupying Pisces this month, the primary struggle will be to maintain perspective while so much of our daily life takes on a fantasy bent. Additionally, we start off the month with a Mars/Neptune square so there’s a conflict between our motivation to learn and evolve and the idea that we are already fully-formed and have no reason to stretch ourselves. Media and entertainment may become hindering distractions at a time when we could be implementing healing modalities into our daily rhythm.


Jupiter turns retrograde on March 8th at 23 degrees Scorpio, and will be so until July. The Great Benefic spends about a third of it’s time in retrograde motion over the course of a year, so it’s stations don’t affect us in the same way as the retrograde of a personal planet. Nonetheless, you will likely feel this shift strongly in your social interactions with others, as your ideas of truth and justice continue to evolve. As Jupiter’s abundance turns inward, psychic powers become stronger, granting perspective on how we wish to see our philosophies witnessed in the wider world. This is not a time for gambling or risk taking. Use the opportunity to detox from the heavy energies being pulled to the surface since Jupiter entered Scorpio. Slough off negative resonances and toxic beliefs. Trust your inner compass and continue your journey of coming into your power in more subtle, self-affirming ways.


The other major influence of the month will be Venus, Mercury and the Sun passing over Chiron, the Wounded Healer (with Jupiter holding a loose trine to Chiron), culminating with a Moon-Chiron conjunction on the Pisces New Moon. Throughout the month old wounds may resurface in succession, positing questions of self-worth and competence. Venus could challenge a love or money belief, Mercury a fear around communication, the Sun an Ego wound. All of these points will drudge up the ways that your spirituality has been stifled or invalidated, your creativity hindered, and your trust in your psychic self dashed. These sore spots must be activated in order to recognize your strengths and propel your emotional acumen. The New Moon provides an opportunity for healing. Key questions should be:


-“How can I break toxic patterns by forgiving myself?”

-“How can I reclaim the innocence of my dreams?”

-“How can I trust the universe to bring me to a place of inner peace and self-affirmation?”


Big questions for a month with such nebulous resonance.


Brief Overview of Major Ingresses / Lunations / Retrogrades:


February 18th – Sun Enters Pisces: We step into new awareness of our imagination and creativity, allowing us to heal personal pain by seeing ourselves as part of a bigger picture and transmuting our individual egos. Illusion, consciousness energy exchanges are highlighted. Creativity, spirituality and psychic impulses are overarching themes.

March 1st – Full Moon 11 Degrees Virgo : We negotiate the health of our mind and body, as well as our capacity to be of service to communal efforts. Letting go of critical beliefs. Exploring the shadows of self-deception.

March 5th  – Mercury Enters Aries : We use our voices to express personal ideology. Uniqueness in thought. Fast-talking. Seldom fact-checking. Direct communication.

March 6th – Venus Enters Aries : We find bliss in adventure. Love is for the thrill-seeker. Love is not a negotiation. Love me or leave me. Pushing barriers. “I take care of myself and you take care of yourself so we can help each other reach the top.”

March 8th – Jupiter Retrograde 23 Degrees Scorpio: Ideas of what it means to hold power and achieve justice redirect inwards. We shed beliefs that do not help us in our search for truth. Renegotiating the journey to accommodate the individual.

March 17th – New Moon 26 degrees Pisces conjunct Chiron: We set intentions around letting go of psychic or emotional wounds. Striving to heal through faith, imagination and connection with the universe.

March 17th – Mars Enters Capricorn: We wield our power to keep our energies stable. Fighting for what is “logical”. Persistence and perseverance is highlighted.


Aries and Aries Rising

Time for a recalibration, Aries. This month is about taking a siesta from social concerns and reacquainting yourself with your emotions. Allowing sensitivity to dictate your movements is sticky territory for you. It’s hard to stop and take in the scenery when life feels like a race. And in a reality where overcoming obstacles is prized above self-care, reflection can be construed as weakness. Why has this logic incubated? Get deep with yourself during Pisces season by deciding what thought patterns are essential and which need to be dissolved. The Full Moon is a time of critical energetic alignment. Reassess how your beliefs impact the wellness of your physical body. Mercury and Venus race ahead of the Sun to land in Aries the week of March 4th. While this puts self-expression back into comfortable territory, Merc and Venus first have to conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer, hanging out at 27 degrees of Pisces. This is likely to bring up some long-felt concerns around first impressions. How do people see you? What version of yourself do you lead with? How can you be more authentic, open and honest with those you meet?  On March 13th, Venus in Aries squares Saturn in Capricorn – your passions conflict with your social responsibilities. A bit of a downer influence, but one that provides insight into how your attitude affects the energy in your workplace, and has bearing on your professional development. The New Moon on the 17th should be spent setting intentions around allowing yourself to feel deeply. It is okay to be emotional. It is okay to feel sad. It is okay to try and fail and be disappointed. It is okay to be vulnerable. These things do not make you less than. Hiding your feelings shouldn’t be a full time job.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

Heed your instincts when networking this month, Taurus! New faces seem to be coming out of the woodwork! But the Sun in Pisces wants you to stay discerning, if you can. We all know it’s totally flattering to be in-demand, and because you have a deep sense of confidence in your abilities and talents right now, it’s no stretch to imagine that everyone wants some Taurus action. You don’t have to devote all your energy to whoever comes knocking, even though you may be willing. Your intuition is your best friend. Aim to cultivate creative mergers that uplift the work you already do. The Full Moon in Virgo illuminates that it’s not always about what you are able to give or provide in friendships, but how you can benefit mutually and respectfully in collaboration with others. That means don’t give it away for free! This is a healing influence that encourages you to speak up when you see disadvantageous negotiations or contracts being developed. When Mercury and Venus enter Aries on March 5th and 6th, some of the blinders come off. Self-preservation instincts dilute Piscean qualities, so you can express any misgivings regarding those who would take advantage of your good graces. The New Moon brings up a tender friendship wound which has prevented you from forming new bonds. Sometimes a perceived “friendship” only goes one-way, and Taureans, who like stable relationships, are easily disappointed by other people’s flakiness. The New Moon heals the erroneous assumption that when relationships dissolve, it’s your fault. Set intentions around opening your heart to worthy people.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

Your contentment with your work has much to do with the flow you establish this month, Gemini. In Pisces’ watery domain, there’s nothing you’d like better than to chill, but try not to let the potential of this transit pass you by. Your professional life is rarely ever linear, your successes contingent upon energy exchanges, rapport established with your contemporaries, the way that your ideas merge with another’s or how you hold space for others to express themselves. It’s not so dissimilar from your social life – your motivations and passions shine through you regardless of the locale. Your focus during Pisces season should be evolving your social role. There’s a bigger dream you’d like to see realized, a vision of personal and professional victories, and teaming up with like-minded coworkers could be the beginning of an era. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t make all your expectations bear fruit right away. Avoid boxing yourself into solid obligations, as it will stifle organic inspiration. Give yourself time to craft the vision. The Full Moon in Virgo defines the ways in which you can give yourself of service to your work while balancing your home life. Watch out for miscommunications with friends when Mercury lands in Aries on March 5th. Your mind and your mouth might be on different pages: accidental insults could occur. The New Moon wants you to redefine what it means to achieve perfection in your work. Perfection seldom means “being the best”, but it often means feeling fulfilled and connected in what you do. Set intentions around discarding fears of failure so you can go after the things you really want instead of settling.


Cancer and Cancer Rising

How do your spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof, translate into your truth, Cancer? This month you’re reaching out for clarification on how to fill your life with purpose. Pisces season responds by granting new new avenues for experiencing faith and new locales to invigorate your mind. This is a great time for travel or vacationing, but adventures can also be had through creative pursuits; exploring the arts and music of other cultures, or dream-journaling. This month, your task is to serve the global community in small ways through your personal vision. This could mean volunteering your time, lending your talents to an organization, bringing people in together to work collaboratively, or acting as a mediator when you see disputes. Your ideals are already wrapped up in the harmony of the wider world. The Full Moon in Virgo on March 1st arrives towards the nadir of your chart, and you are asked how your spiritual truths and analytical mind can achieve balance. Gather facts to that inform your instincts, so you can speak with others from both a logic and empathic place. Seek to keep a sober mind, or you may gravitate towards polarizing philosophies and personalities that won’t help your evolution. As Mercury and Venus move into Aries and your house of the public eye on March 5th and 6th, anchor your idealism in tangible work. Express your ideas in professional venues. The New Moon brings up a sore spot on faith. Set intentions around trusting your process and letting go of fears that you must mimic the opinions of others to be respected and trusted.


Leo and Leo Rising

Celebrate the power of your imagination this month, Leo! Have you ever dreamt of a person or scenario and later ended up meeting them? Ever had a case of déjà vu that heralded a lucky opportunity? This month is a time for recognizing synchronicities, paying attention to little queues from the universe, and getting deep with your own psychic magic. While the Sun moves through your 8th house of sex, death and rebirth, you are poised to experience some rebirth of your own. Use what the universe has given you; your voice, your passion, your sensuality and your ability to interact with the liminal to manifest the world that you want to see. This is a time to recommit to your own power. Let the lion roar. Be the change you want to see in the world. Embody your purpose and express yourself through the creative act. The Full Moon on March 1st sees you balancing your perspective on currency and self-worth. Being paid for your time and energy is appropriate. You can draw wealth to you by recognizing this truth. Jupiter in Scorpio turns retrograde in your house of roots on the 8th. Seek to further internalize lineage lessons, and detoxify your home so it can be a place to receive blessings. The New Moon wants you to heal the pieces of yourself that are afraid to leap into the unknown. Set intentions around cultivating psychic prowess, and silencing or discarding the voices of those who would disparage your intuitive gifts.


Virgo and Virgo Rising

If you had to spend some time flushing negativity from your energetic spaces last month Virgo, Pisces season rewards you by establishing proper energetic connections in your relationships. The Sun holds your attention on the idea of the “merger”, whether that be in partnership or in business, and its’ influence increases the promise of a dream with inspired Neptune sitting pretty in your 7th house. Life and love may feel like magic right now. Just make sure the people you connect with are worthy of your heart. The Full Moon in Virgo on the 1st encourages this inner dialogue, and asks how your analytical tendencies and self-preservation mantras can be measured against your longing to open up to other people. There are those out there looking for the same things as you! Seek to build your relationships as pathways to inner knowing. Allow others to help quell your anxieties, and commit to doing the same for those you treasure. The New Moon in Pisces on March 17th asks you to set intentions around your partnerships, and through it’s conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer, encourages a new framework for trust. You’re naturally self-sufficient, and when you let someone in and they damage your ideas around capability and control, it can be hard to forgive both the culpable party, and yourself for your own vulnerability. The New Moon grants the understanding that internalized grief and anger hardens within the body and leads to physical problems, and invites forgiveness as an act of mind-body healing.


Libra and Libra Rising

Dear Libra, the Sun enters your house of service this month, where Chiron has been hanging out since 2011. As planets have aspected this asteroid, fears of inadequacy are dredged up, and like clockwork, seem to manifest in your environment. Sensitivity or off-kilter confidence has become the norm when trying to juggle day to day responsibilities. Anxiety may also have coalesced in the body, provoking nightmares or triggering chronic ailments. Chiron is a rough teacher, but it helps us get to the root of our maladies, not just sweep away the surface issues. What have you learned about your skills through your struggles? Your strength through your sacrifices? You cannot be of full service to yourself or others until you’ve gone through a dark night of the soul. This month, the Sun in Pisces conjuncts Chiron in this house for the final time til 2062. Congratulate yourself on championing this transit: you may soon find yourself serving as an example of resilience for those who need guidance. The Full Moon in Virgo asks you to balance your perceptions around healing. There is no “correct” way to heal, and no need to make your healing digestible for others. Mercury and Venus tag-team to enter Aries on March 5th and 6th, and this catalyzes some energy in your relationship sphere. Whether your Piscean dream is to more fully merge with your work, bring healing into your body, or be of service in emotional or material ways for another: at this point your ego stays rooted in the dream while your passion helps you find the right collaborators. The New Moon will be an important time to look at the blocks that have prevented you from giving yourself openly to your work for fear of failure. Set intentions around shattering the expectation (and thus manifestation) of emotional and physical trauma.


Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

We may be coming out of Eclipse Season, but you’re about to feel another jolt, Scorpio. This month Jupiter turns retrograde in your house of identity. Jupiter’s transit through Scorpio has been the source of much astro buzz for the better part of a year now, and whatever deep-rooted transformation the collective is feeling has an extra personal resonance for you. Retrograde periods force action inward, so until July 10th, your homework is to examine how your lust for life is directly proportional to the faith you’ve cultivated in your abilities and the ways you’ve harnessed your power. As the Sun in Pisces enters your 5th house of creativity and romance this month, life’s pleasures take center stage. This is a time to be sensual and let your imagination take priority. You may feel a little start-stop energy while Jupiter enters its pre-retrograde station period on February 24th. Be aware of this time and avoid gambling with your assets or supporting any people or enterprises whose mission statements conflict with your conscience. The Full Moon in Virgo on March 1st asks you to show up authentically for yourself and others. While you may fear that criticism from your friends and colleagues could impede your growth process or burst your confidence bubble, they may turn out to have some sound advice (and they expect honesty from you as well). Cultivate warmth in exchanges. Trust that your friends will be gentle with your ego. The New Moon pokes at a tender spot, the piece of you that insists your fantasies will never become reality; that the needs of your heart come second to “adult” obligations. Set intentions around healing your inner child, let her know it is safe to believe in magic.   


Sag and Sag Rising
This month reminds you of your family ties, Sag. If you established connections to new people during Aquarius season, you probably realized that their identities and perspectives arose from varying cultural, ethical and socioeconomic backgrounds, which in turn inspired some reflection about your own upbringing. What qualities differentiate you from those in your sphere? What beliefs are ingrained in your makeup? This is a good month to unpack some of that home and roots business. Was your childhood an unorthodox one? Whimsical, dreamlike? Illusory? Maybe not as solid-seeming as your peers? Certainly you are an explorer by design, Sag, but what made you take up your exploring in the first place? Was it to evolve or to escape? This month you have to go back to go forwards. But go slow. It’s hard work challenging Piscean assumptions. You may need to let go of an illusion regarding your family dynamic, an old grudge, toxic belief or self-sabotaging behavior. The Full Moon on March 1st sees something coming to fruition in your work-life balance. This is an opportunity to address critical thoughts around your perceived “usefulness” in business and the public eye. You are good enough and worthy enough! Your ability to propel yourself forward in life is contingent upon having compassion for yourself and your journey. The New Moon invites you to cauterize wounds created by ancestral trauma. Set intentions around forming safe and secure support networks to help repair confidence in your creativity and intuition.


Cap and Cap Rising

The aftermath of Eclipse Season finds you breaking out of a rut, Capricorn. The farther the planets move away from your identity house, distancing themselves from Saturn and Pluto, the better you are able to compartmentalize issues you currently face. Sure, you’re still in the middle of some personal restructuring, defining self-care boundaries, but the pressure to make resolute tactical decisions is easing up. This month, you’re ready for some lighthearted engagements, and the Sun in Pisces assists by sprouting seeds of creativity and camaraderie. You want to expand your breadth of knowledge, experience and preference by looking at life in totally un-Capricorn ways and interacting with totally un-Capricorn personalities. Challenge your every day paradigms. Consult with artists and mystics. Keep a dream journal. Rely on intuition instead of google maps. Ideas are fuel right now. You’ll find yourself drawn instinctively to discussions that help you investigate your spiritual leanings. You may also find yourself romantically or intellectually drawn to someone of a Pisces nature – a person undaunted by the material realms or any of it’s logic. The Full Moon in Virgo is a time to weave together logic and faith. How can you balance pragmatism and esoterism in conversation? The New Moon in Pisces on the 17th wants you to let go of the fear that if you speak from a place of heart-centeredness, you won’t be taken seriously. Mars enters Capricorn at the same time, keeping your logic sound and confidence buffered. Do you, my Capricorn friend! Those who would dismiss your insights aren’t meant to be with you on your path.


Aquarius and Aquarius Rising
You may feel like a totally new spirit following Eclipse Season, Aquarius! Still buzzing from the lunar energy? Do you sense yourself coming into your power? Are you a badass, capable of whatever you put your mind to? Good, cause Pisces season is all about reaping the financial benefits of your self-mastery! As the Sun, Mercury and Venus conjoin in your 2nd house of assets, each aspecting dream-weaving Neptune in succession, spiritual meets material. This can be a lucky time for money matters, as you are able to see through deceptions and know where to wisely invest your energy. In the first week of March, Venus conjuncts Chiron, and you may be reminded of a situation that hindered financial success in the past. The past is not now. This transit is intended to show you how far you’ve come through trusting your intuition. The Full Moon in Virgo on the 1st suggests you avoid fiscal gambles and focus your energy on transcendent, big picture goals. Create a dream board or make a list of everything you want from the next six months. Prepare for magic! Jupiter retrograde on March 8th begins a new phase in your professional life. You’ve seen a definite evolution in this arena since the summer. Use these next few months to scrap the business models that aren’t serving you, and make tweaks your professional role that keep your practice or career growing in line with your philosophy. The New Moon conjunct Chiron allows you to release an old belief around poverty consciousness that no longer serves you. Set intentions for achieving abundance.


Pisces and Pisces Rising

Happy Solar return, Pisces! Eclipse season danced on the axis of your 6th house of service and 12th house of spirituality – so something in this realm has just been activated for you. This month, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun will transit Neptune, which has been sitting in your identity house for 6 years. There’s a heavy emphasis on embodying your own purpose instead of gravitating towards or assisting someone else in their journey. Get comfortable with your fluctuating moods and sensitivities. Let your intuition guide you (which you are already so very adept at). Towards month’s end Venus/Merc/the Sun will transit Chiron, which has had a hand in throwing up some roadblocks on the self-actualization front. Though you’re hardly attached to a strict 5-year plan, you probably had an idea of your future trajectory that just didn’t roll out the way you thought it would. This blessing in disguise has forced you to more fully trust your ability to evolve, improvise and craft your process. You know your limits and boundaries in ways that you wouldn’t without Chiron present, and this can be empowering for the Piscean, who might otherwise lose track of where your personality ends and another’s begins. The Full Moon in Virgo sees the flowering of new healing relationships which share your creative or spiritual vision. This is a great time to attend a Moon Circle, concert or conference. Chiron could poke at an identity wound on the New Moon. You may be trying to please a version of yourself that you have outgrown. Release the fear that you need to play a role. Avoid social media that feeds you unrealistic expectations of success. Go at your own pace. Set your own standards and let the world crystallize around you as it may. Set intentions around clarity of purpose. Life works itself out in the way it’s supposed to and abundance often follows when you get out of your own way.

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