Aries Season Horoscopes


By: Nyssa Grazda

March 20th – April 19th

 March 20th sees the start of Aries season with the Vernal Equinox; celebrating the equal length of day and night and the symbolic balance between light and dark. Ancient cultures built temples and structures to catch sacred light at dawn on the Vernal Equinox, and holidays such as Holi, Nowruz, and Ostara/Easter mark the occasion. We are reminded to look at the balance of light and shadow within ourselves, celebrating rebirth and welcoming in abundance for the year to come.

We have two days to celebrate before Mercury goes retrograde, upsetting the apple cart. Just kidding – retrograde periods give us lots of personal homework, but if you’re here reading theses scopes, you probably already want to know more about yourself and how the universe guides you to action. This Mercury Rx is a great opportunity for self-discovery, even if the process looks clumsy on the surface.

The Aries Sun squares Mars in Capricorn from 2-5 degrees beginning on March 22nd, instigating some tension. Now we must focus on personal ambitions while using our energy and resources responsibly. Our instincts want us to move quick, so on it’s own, this influence might have us feeling tense and restricted, but simultaneously on the 22nd, Mercury stations retrograde at 16 degrees Aries. Mercury in Aries is already a reactive placement, when we are quick to change our minds and jump to conclusions. Coupled with the square, Mercury Rx produces communication blocks and technology mishaps which feel more personal because our identities are wrapped up in the importance of self-presentation and promotion. Self-righteous confrontations may occur; the byproduct of misunderstandings or speaking out of turn.

On the surface, frustrations are bubbling up, but ultimately this time reveals what ideas we hold sacred. With the Sun-Mars square, the opinions you take up now will be well-thought out, attached to logic rather than prestige, able to bear fruit once you develop patience. You can discern the benefits of keeping level-headed, even if the nuances of actually being level-headed slip through your fingers.

Our last Mercury Rx ran its full course in Sagittarius, another fire sign, and this retrograde will run its full course in Aries. Because fire elementally signifies alchemical creativity, we’re being asked to take a specific look at our creative fire, and how we use it consciously instead of recklessly. “Being” creative is not about creating for the sake of itself, it is to create for a greater purpose, to add something to the world that encourages constructive qualities like sustainability, mindfulness, health, happiness and greater freedom and privilege for all. These retrogrades encourage us to think about the goods we are producing that we attach our name and identity to. How do you want to be known in the world? This is a broader question to take into the year, because all three Mercury Rx’s will occur in fire signs during 2018. These periods will be prime occasions to check in with yourself to ensure you’re on track with goals and intentions.

Mercury Rx vibes are strong on April 1st during the Full Moon in Libra, when the messenger planet, still moving backwards, conjuncts the Aries Sun at 11 degrees. If you’ve been pushing a personal agenda quite strong, gauge the toll it’s taking on your partnerships, and how to balance your need for expression with your desire for harmony and closeness with others. Adding Mercury Rx to the mix, try to listen instead of speak. Listen to others and listen to your inner voice.

The last week of the month, several transits happen in succession. Mercury stations direct on the 14th, preparing to march forward through Aries with selfhood lessons absorbed. Then the New Moon in Aries on the 15th aligns our ego and emotions with one notable blindspot in aspect; an inconjunct to Jupiter Rx in Scorpio. Here we can set intentions around independence and transforming and embodying our autonomy, but personal power isn’t explicitly part of the equation. At this juncture, it is more important to recognize how your perspective influences and informs the broader societal narrative. Chiron (who had a lot to say to us in Pisces season) enters Aries on the 17th, but will be back in Pisces in early July due to it’s own retrograde. Chiron is starting a new cycle, ready to dredge up wounds of selfhood to engender healing and teach us how to own our sacred right to exist. This ingress is but a tiny taste of the transit to come. Finally, the Sun conjuncts Uranus at 28 degrees of Aries on the 18th before passing into Taurus the next day. Prepare to have every lesson you internalized during Aries season tested. A surprise shake-up puts you face to face with a revolutionary new idea. You may be stirred to take drastic action now. Mercury Rx has instilled some caution in you, and you’re better able to assess the whole picture.


Brief Overview of Major Ingresses / Lunations / Retrogrades:

March 20th – Sun Enters Aries: We step into new awareness of ourselves, gaining understanding of our motivations and drives, allowing us to connect to our purpose and embrace the sources of our strengths. Ambition, individuality and adventure are highlighted. Initiating new projects, exercising the physical body and risk-taking are overarching themes.

March 22nd – Mercury Retrograde 16 Degrees Aries: Traditionally direct, blunt Arian communication takes on an unintentionally aggressive tone. Verbal conflicts that stem from misunderstandings. Jumping to conclusions without listening to the details. Facts get confused. Others misinterpret your agendas and what you stand for.

March 30th – Venus Enters Taurus: We find bliss in sensuality. Love is for the aesthete. Emphasis on engaging with the world through the six senses. Decadence. Pampering. Physical attraction. The desire for security and stability as well as grand romantic gestures in partnership.

March 31st – Full Moon 10 Degrees Libra: We negotiate action and stillness, and turn our thoughts towards what is just and fair, including how we can combine forces in partnerships to achieve greater happiness and success. Conserving energy.  Acknowledging the contributions of others while maintaining perspective as an individual.

April 14th – Mercury Direct 4 Degrees Aries:  We use the lessons internalized during Mercury Retrograde to reconfigure and expand our relationship to conscious creativity and personal accountability. Return to ease of movement and unfettered communication flow.

April 15th – New Moon 25 Degrees Aries: We set intentions around cultivating courage, and transforming our relationship to society and the status quo by embracing our unique individual identities. Initiating projects. Being assertive and confident without using force.

April 17th – Chiron Enters Aries: Chiron’s ingress gives us a sneak peak into healing wounds of personal inadequacy, confronting embarrassment for our passions, acknowledging the fears that come with being human, and reclaiming the creative spark. We now must commit to trusting ourselves.


Aries and Aries Rising

Happiest of birthdays, Aries! In Pisces season you may have had to deal with some conflict around first impressions and authenticity. This month, your primary concern will be to represent your aims and desires while keeping interactions professional and juggling social responsibilities. Aries season is about letting personality shine, taking risks, having adventures, and exercising the mental and physical body in unison. But your ruling planet, Mars, has you in a holding pattern through it’s transit in Capricorn. This time around the Sun, you’re being urged to focus on your role in the bigger picture, and find ways to celebrate your journey of selfhood through business, career and institutional dynamics. This is a great time to build an enterprise, because tension is the perfect challenge for the Ram. Building will require you to pace your energy. Fight not harder, but smarter to get what you want. Venus enters Taurus on the 30th and urges you to slow down and appreciate the new ideas that are forming.  Organize your environment to represent your values and agendas. Get artsy and decorate, plant, paint or make music. This influence is especially valuable during Mercury retrograde; funnel communication into art and beautification, producing tangible work and avoiding the pitfalls that can now arise with correspondence gaffes. The Full Moon in Libra wants you to balance personal and partnership needs. What are you not saying that needs to be said? How can your partnerships work to support your vision and amplify your voice? The New Moon in Aries brings catharsis. What activities bring your energy into balance? How do imbalances between your body and emotions pose a challenge to the work you are trying to undertake? If you’ve arranged your life in a particular way, it may be time to explore unorthodox terrain for further growth.


Taurus & Taurus Rising

Use this month to get clear on your priorities and incubate for a spring rebirth, Taurus. Pisces season poked at wounds that are still in need of some healing and dissolving. With the Sun entering your hidden house, you may find that meditation and creative arts function as a form of therapy, allowing you to assert your voice as a spiritual act. Seek to merge with your art. For you, Aries season should be used to understand how you’ve come to be at this moment in time, and Mercury’s retrograde cycle gives you the chance to connect to your higher self – the self which can’t be accessed by using action to distract from emotion. Speak your words wisely this month, particularly in family matters. There are times to be vocal and times to be silent, and how you use your words dictates the ease with which you can move to the next phase of your life. Venus enters your first house of self on the 30th. Others will enjoy your company and you’ll feel good about yourself, opting for sensual and beautiful experiences. This influence is uplifting and helps you keep your eyes on the ultimate prize: self mastery. The Full Moon in Libra wants you to de-clutter your to-do lists and mundane agendas. You have a lot of expectations for yourself and a lot on your plate. What do you want the most? Is there a creative aspect to your work that you wish to see realized? The New Moon encourages you to set intentions on the power of will. Anything you dream can be made manifest – your only stumbling block is that you must desire to truly transform yourself to welcome in new opportunities. Change is calling. Welcome change, welcome bravery, welcome a life that breaks the psychic hold of old trauma.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

You shine in social settings this month, Gemini, particularly when you surround yourself with supportive friends! There may even be a trip planned; a getaway to explore the world with your best buds. Remember, Mercury retrograde starts on the 22nd, so it’s possible there could be some hiccups with organizing the specifics, mostly because everyone else is caught up in the self-determination of Aries season, assuming they have the skills to lead the team. Your best bet? Opt to keep flexible and stress free when faced with the unexpected. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Promote the happiness of the group. What matters is that you’re sharing an experience with the right people. On another note, your overarching objective this month is to logically and methodically deconstruct the negative beliefs about your potential that are holding you back. Learning, growing and self-discovery are important to you now. Even with friends by your side, the inner journey may feel like a highly personal, solitary one. Those who understand your moods and give you space to go dark sometimes will be your greatest allies. The Full Moon in Libra encourages you to show some love for a personal creative project by being brave and sharing it with others. The faith of your friends gives you confidence, and they see development potential you may not. Can you partner with a like-minded acquaintance to greater ends? The New Moon in Aries wants you to explore the shadows of your place in community. How are you planting seeds within your networks that will lead to further self-actualization as an individual? Set intentions to be witnessed for your talents, skills and personality.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

If back half of Pisces season saw you dipping your foot in the pool of the public eye, Aries season wants you to jump in. Your idealism now needs to be channeled through an outlet that you started to embrace around March 5th or 6th. Everyone can benefit from your ideas this month: this is your Aries season mantra. Use it to seed your ambitions. Being witnessed is powerful medicine – how will you proceed? And how do you square the way that others see you in public against the expectations of those that know you best? How can you embrace a new image and maintain your individuality and spirit while being responsible to your established partnerships? Phew. There’s a lot to think about there. Remember: your first obligation is to yourself, and this month the limelight functions as a temple to enter and raise your self-esteem and your station. You are allowed to change your shape and call new things into your life without having to abandon your commitments – in fact, you shouldn’t. But you may have to massage the two at intervals this month to avoid conflict between your public and private spheres. The Full Moon in Libra addresses this very issue, and guides you towards finding holistic balance: What is coming to fruition in your work that mirrors the seeds you’ve planted and nurtured on the homefront? The New Moon in Aries on April 15th asks you to set intentions around a rebirth in your career or public image. You are a force. Don’t fear your evolution!

Leo and Leo Rising

Follow your own lead and find your purpose Leo. Sounds simple enough. You’re already a queen right? But what is a queen who takes off her crown, strips down to her essence and follows a path with an unknown endpoint to find her own truth? What is a queen without subjects? A queen without obligations to her kingdom, only to herself? Aries season wants you to explore this narrative. Who are you underneath all that Leo business? What is your guiding philosophy? Aries season grants you opportunities for exposure. Exposure to fortune, to failure, to realness, to your higher self, with material considerations set aside. Uranus and Venus conjunct on March 28th, exposing your raw nature in unforeseen ways that may feel jarring as well as exciting. This explosion of self-hood could take the form of an unexpected public display. Seek recognition and esteem without fear of censorship or criticism. It may actually be impossible to undo the effects of this brief spotlight, which leaves a permanent impression of passionate self-invention on the outside world. The Full Moon in Libra will be a good way to allow the ideas of others to enter into and inform your process. A woman is not an island – you are searching for truth, and truth is not found in a vacuum. Your community is available as a sounding board to encourage you to deeply probe your own beliefs while offering factual support. During the New Moon, set intentions to be brave, feed your own fire and explore the shadows of your ego in order to better your philosophical understanding of identity.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

This month, focus on what brings you pleasure, Virgo. With the Sun in your 8th house of sex, transmutation and the occult, you see ordinary acts as an opportunity for extraordinary experience. Even mundane tasks can be approached with passion. When Mercury enters retrograde, this feeling of empowerment might lack a verbal outlet, but in many ways the “hindrance” of self-expression grants you the ability to be in your body and communicate physically in ways you otherwise might not given your tendency to over-analyze. Seek your divine self this month and commune with your fiery side – we don’t always need words to express what is in our hearts. Venus ingresses into Taurus and your 10th house of philosophy on March 30th, making your interactions in the wider world both sensual and self-defining. This placement is an energetic rebirth that reminds you of the causes worth fighting for. The Full Moon in Libra suggests you look at your relationships – do you view them as exercises in growth or as means to security? How can you feel more emotionally safe by embracing the warrior within? You are your own best advocate. Use this time to welcome in self-love, self-care and luxury. The New Moon in Aries asks you to set intentions around fighting for yourself, being brave and aligning your emotions, intellect and intuition.

Libra and Libra Rising

With the Sun entering your 7th house of partnership this month on the heels of Mercury and Venus, your thoughts will be on the intention and purpose of connection, Libra. Your presence, mannerisms, personal style and words have a magnetic allure – but like attracts like, so while confidence attracts confident people to your sphere, moodiness will invite in moody companions. Take note of the new people you meet during Aries season, as they will serve as a mirror of your inner workings. Since your words and actions have serious manifestation power this month, the responsibility of using them consciously doubles down once Mercury goes retrograde on April 1st. A hastily-delivered criticism could unintentionally hurt an ally. The best policy this month is to pause, listen and internalize the words of others before speaking your own. This ensures pragmatic communication with fully formed arguments. Seek to embody your truth. The Full Moon in your sign sees something coming to fruition in your emotional body – you can grow tremendously by not running from your feelings at this time. The past is past. Use the balance of solar/lunar energy to heal personal insecurity by recognizing that your individuality is an asset. You are strong. You are ready to invite in harmony and balance in partnerships because you know that no matter what you are enough for yourself. During the New Moon, set intentions around expressing self-love, spontaneity and passion in your interactions with others.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

Jupiter Retrograde continues it’s backwards march in your house of identity, but this month’s Mercury Rx cycle might instigate more noticeable shake-ups in your work sphere, Scorpio. In fact, this is an ideal time to consider that looming question: are you really doing the work you want to be doing? The Sun in Aries in puts a particular focus on how your work is or is not serving you. And if you are great at what you do but aren’t fulfilled, accolades might be the only thing stopping you closing that door. Aries season gives us that reactive fire we need to start new projects, but while Mercury Rx is doing it’s thing, it’s not wise to send that spontaneous “FU I quit” letter to the boss. Your feelings are valid, but see where they take you. How can you use what you’ve got to get what you want? It may be less about quitting than leveling up by demanding your worth (tying back in to Jupiter business). Your psychic understanding of your environment and place within it generally keeps you from viewing yourself as a “commodity”, but you should visualize yourself as one now, in the most flattering terms possible. You take care of business and that deserves recognition. Use this month to make your case towards aligning your labor and your soul purpose. The Full Moon in Libra balances gifts of material and psychic service through exercises in manifestation. This is good time to demonstrate best practices or techniques to clients or bosses, using your tenacity to facilitate magic. The New Moon in Aries lets you set intentions around curtailing self-criticism and welcoming in self-confidence to attract the work you are destined to do.

Sag and Sag Rising

This is a good time to suck the marrow out of life, Sagittarius! How can you get the most enjoyment out of your current circumstances? Much of this month may be spent expanding and reframing your definition of freedom – yes, more than usual. Fun and frivolity are at the forefront of your mind, but while Mercury is Retrograde in your house of entertainment and play, try to make healthy choices regarding your more adventurous inclinations. Make sure you are checking your energy on April 1st – in particular. Mars conjuncts Saturn in Capricorn and makes a loose square to the Sun conjunct Mercury Rx – your creative plans could be hindered by financial anxiety, triggering rash money moves. Avoid risky business – don’t make important negotiations right now and don’t sign contracts. In fact, avoid putting pressure on yourself to “adult”, if you can. The needs of your inner child should take precedence, acting as a balm to soothe fear of failure. Focus on the mantra that you have everything at your disposal to take care of yourself. Your self-discipline is strong right now. Funnel that drive into your passions, and see it gain traction throughout Aries season. Venus in Taurus in your 6th house of work moves into a trine with Saturn and Mars throughout early April. This is a great time to manifest a self-care routine or project that holds up under economic scrutiny, while serving as a channel for your artistic desires. The Full Moon in Libra on the 31st suggests your best use of energy is to share your creativity through harmonious community partnerships. Whatever your skill is, your peers are ready to celebrate it. The New Moon in Aries asks you to set intentions to become the physical embodiment of your creative identity.

Cap and Cap Rising

Mars is hanging out in your house of self this month, Capricorn. While Mars in Cap tends to promote realistic pragmatism and persistence, there might be some push-pull for the first two weeks of Aries season as you determine the battles that need fighting while trying to provide venues for your warrior soul to express itself. You have certain responsibilities at this time that you want to tackle. You have a good game plan for addressing those responsibilities. And yet your plans may be undone by the desire to destroy the playbook and gain ego acknowledgement. Take heed with interpersonal business. This is a fairly short influence, but later in the month Mercury starts its backwards march, determined to confuse communication with those who know you best, so be careful not to alienate friends and fam this month. (Let me be clear, there’s nothing wrong with the ego or wanting your due, just be up front about what you want instead of trying to hide your motivations.) The Full Moon in Libra sees you gaining support in the workplace. Because of your loyalty, others know they can rely on you – you need the same treatment in order to blossom into your best, most competent self. If you feel troubled around the Full Moon, you may be internalizing too much cardinal energy urging you to “act now!” You don’t need to do everything all at once. Use the Full Moon to expose the nature of your issue, there will be time to tackle it. Venus enters Taurus on March 30th – seek out entertainment, good meals and art to calm your nerves. The New Moon in Aries an opportunity to explore familial shadows. How can your life’s story forge new narratives of triumph, self-sufficiency and love?

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

Last month was an exercise in catharsis, Aquarius. You may have felt like you weren’t getting a whole lot done on the surface, but the processing has brought you into alignment with your ambitions. This month, with a host of planets moving through Aries in your third house of communication, you’d be wise to flesh out your goals. Mercury, Venus and Uranus will be making some loose inconjuncts to Jupiter in your career house – so generally speaking, your mind may not be on business in practical ways. You may still be figuring out where you fit into your path; the new you, the stronger you who has gone through the ringer of self-assessment. Mercury goes Retrograde on the 22nd, allowing you to get real with your inner voice, craft your personal mission statements and rework your “brand”. What do you want to say Aquarius? How can Aries’ fire be turned inwards to examine your assumptions of what it means to communicate with others and the world through your own unique perspective? While you might find some correspondence frustrating now, a-ha moments can be had sorting through the confusion. Your inner voice is seeking to liberate you – but you may not recognize this time as a strengthening one until Taurus season. Stay aware of your words around March 28th – verbal arguments could arise with your loved ones. Try to avoid miscommunications by listening to what is not being said. Trippy, I know. Inferences are the enemy during this time. The Full Moon in Libra wants you to address the ways you hold back your self-expression to nurture relationships that you believe will fulfill you. We all stretch ourselves to accommodate others – but it is important that others understand and honor your perspective in exchange for compromise. The New Moon in Aries asks you to set intentions around welcoming in strength of conviction so you can be an unstoppable force in the world!

Pisces and Pisces Rising

The beginning of the month finds you negotiating some tension between conflicting social desires, Pisces. Your home acts as a stage for self-actualization, encouraging you to embody your most honest, authentic self through the pursuit of pleasure, relaxation and comfort. Yet, you are aware of the expectations of your peers and simultaneously seek to play the role of the diligent community facilitator, out in the world with a project, a plan, and a full calendar. You’ve done this dance before – setting your own value on perceived “usefulness” to other people’s projects. Aries season brings you back to this aspect of self to illustrate newfound discomfort with this familiar narrative. Where you once felt happily obliged to cow-tow to the needs of the collective for acceptance, you now see yourself as the sole proprietor of your self-esteem. The Full Moon in Libra reminds you to invest in your own needs. You often focus your attention on promoting harmony, sacrificing your sense of security to please others’ expectations. Spend your resources on yourself as an act of reclaiming power (i.e. celebrate with something luxurious or delicious that enlivens the senses), but with Mercury Rx making a close conjunction and with squares from the Sun and Moon to Saturn, don’t break the bank. This is a time for wisely assessing where you feel lack in order to promote balance, but it may make you want to throw off caution and spend on things you don’t need that you think will give you authority. The New Moon in Aries invites you to set intentions around self-worth. Unite your physical and psychic bodies in meditation. Examine how your environment gives you strength, or which aspects of your home might need a revamp, TLC or feng shui. On April 17th, Chiron enters Aries. It will be back in Pisces in a few months during it’s retrograde cycle, but a time of personal crisis is coming to an end. You have been fighting a challenging identity battle over the past 7 years, but all the while your soul has been evolving. The time is coming to reap the spoils of this transformation.

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