Taurus Season – Horoscopes

By Nyssa Grazda

Horoscopes for Taurus Season

April 19th – May 20th  


Taurus season is traditionally associated with reducing the pace, grounding our energy into pursuits that inherently have less risk. This is a time for peace, for calm, for meditation, art and the cultivation of all that is organically beautiful. The idea is to build stable structures, and the slow-and-steady mindset assists us in avoiding the pitfalls that come with hasty decision-making and reckless assessment of danger. Because the world is now beginning to bloom into spring, Taurus season has associations with the planet and its greenery. It’s connection to second-house pursuits also ties it to the other green stuff, money, and how we use it in practical ways to yield long-lasting benefits. Taurus likes stability. It likes to feel safe. And the ironic danger of Taurus season is that we will typically err on the side of caution, at worst, planting our heels, laying down in the Sun, and making no moves at all. The good thing about this Taurus season is that we are called to progress through various ingresses of the personal planets and the aspects of the outer planets. There is truly no dull moment now, during a period that could otherwise be marked by laziness and lethargy. We have obligations that keep us from sitting still for very long, and push us to use the month to it’s fullest potential.

On April 21st, Pluto turns retrograde at 21 degrees Capricorn, beginning it’s five-month journey back through 3 lengthy degrees. In many ways, Pluto is indifferent to time. With such long cycles, many of it’s lessons can go unnoticed until we are face to face with the volcano. Pluto’s retrograde cycles help us process dormant psychic information so that an explosion doesn’t happen every time we recover lost data. During this interval, be careful with your secrets. The intent is to purge paranoia, to not let yourself be consumed by anxieties that have such a deep resonance that you don’t even know the root of the fear, just the causal effects of stress upon confrontation. This is a time to release uncertainty in the face of the unknown, especially when it comes to finances or matters of law. Do not become constricted by forces you can not control. Look for power within yourself to confront the darker forces of material realities.

Venus ingresses into Gemini on April 24th, while the Taurus Sun, Virgo Moon and Saturn Rx lock into a wide Grand Earth Trine. Grand Trines clear the path for serendipity by freeing up energy to use towards latent talents.  But feeling good can also make us feel complacent, as if everything will work out with little or no effort on our part. Try not to let this period pass you by. This aspect endorses physical healing by grounding the body. From the 25th-26th, be proactive about your wellbeing. Take care of earthly responsibilities. Make wise monetary investments. Nourish yourself with wholesome meals and, regarding Venus, nourish your heart with healthy conversation.

As a whole, the month is marked by many significant squares in aspect, which signal tension, but can also make for soul growth if you rise to the challenge. If everything was always simple (like the feeling of the Grand Trine), we’d never feel inspired to evolve or try new things. The second and third weeks of Taurus season are rife with tension-laden aspects, but extremely useful ones, though we may find our attitudes especially bullish. In particular, a Moon/Uranus conjunction in Taurus makes an exact square on the anaretic degree (a critical energetic point) to Mars in Capricorn on May 13th at 9:27am, four hours after Mercury ingresses into Taurus. Though this date is one of culmination, we’ll be feeling the tug of Uranus and Mars at odds throughout the month. On one hand, we’re beckoned to take a final exam on crafting a new identity by destroying outdated self-conception. On the other, we’re forced to pay attention to practical details and handle business. We might feel shackled by duties at this time, while yearning for freedom of expression. We might feel emboldened to make snap decisions that we assume will lead to a more fulfilling life – quite the opposite of Taurean mentality. But we also feel grounded in Capricorn energy, heeding the pull of honor and obligation to job, country or family – the lasting structures we’ve built brick by brick that we don’t want to see dismantled.

Amidst the squares, the Sun holds two significant trines which take us through the month – the first is to Saturn Rx in Capricorn, and the second is to Pluto Rx in Capricorn. Overall, these influences are positive because they encourage a focus on responsibilities and psychological growth, respectively. We can use Taurus season as a useful barometer of where to focus our attention in order to build solid foundations as well as deconstruct the subconscious beliefs which no longer work to our advantage. The work will be formidable, and you can feel these transitions happening in your mind as well as your body. This is truly a time to give in to changes in your lifestyle that are long overdue.

The last week of Taurus season catalyzes sweeping change as Mercury, Uranus, Mars and Venus all ingress into new signs. In particular, May 15th features an intense shift in energy, as the New Moon falls an hour before Uranus enters Taurus. This is the beginning of a 7-year cycle for Uranus, one in which we will witness sweeping, revolutionary change in our relationship to our values, our bodies, the environment (physical and technological), and money. It may be that bodies become less commercially policed, the idea of the classist/racist/ableist/ageist “perfect” body upended. (It’s my personal opinion that by the end of this cycle, the ethos behind bitcoin might not seem that “out there”. But also, the amount of energy and affect on the environment that goes into creating bitcoin may also come under scrutiny. So there ya go.) It is almost as if the New Moon, which is encouraging us to cultivate body positivity and strengthen our physical/psycho-spiritual boundaries, helps ease the emotional transition of such a tempestuous planetary influence, which tends to smash paradigms with magnificent aloofness. But, later in the evening, Mars enters Aquarius and squares Uranus on the 0 degree. Aspects on the 0 degree have an aura of longevity, especially in fixed signs. We are cautioned to be aware of tensions that arise within the community regarding land use/ownership and appropriation of resources. Housing crises come to mind, as well as gentrification. In the internal realms, we are called to use our energy to take care of what we already have, instead of comparing our goods to someone else’ stockpile. You can’t eat an idea. You can’t drink a concept. Invest your energy into your own projects and see them bear fruit. It’s a good motto for the month and beyond.

Brief Overview of Major Ingresses / Lunations / Retrogrades:

April 19th  – Sun Enters Taurus: We step into new awareness of our surroundings. Learning to identify our place in the world. Being “of use” to an effort greater than ourselves by sharing gifts, resources and skills. Security, honesty and aesthetics are highlighted. Building new foundations, nurturing the physical body and spending time in nature are overarching themes.

April 21st – Pluto Retrograde 21 Degrees Capricorn – Lasting until the end of September, Pluto Rx wants us to look within to find the source of our power. Release obsession, suspicion and fear of lack. Be prepared for confrontations with unconscious aspects of your psyche. Pleasant or otherwise.

April 24th – Venus Enters Gemini: We find bliss in language. Love is found in the exchange of ideas. Emphasis on engaging with the world through fact-swapping, finding common ground and healthy verbal sparring. Mental attraction. Youthful exuberance. Temporary but meaningful romantic encounters.

April 29th – Full Moon 9 Degrees Scorpio: We negotiate the impulse to give and the desire to keep our resources. A time to cultivate equilibrium in our physical and emotional bodies. Seeking transformative experiences. Igniting passions. Acknowledging that a rebirth can only come after a death.

May 13th  – Mercury Enters Taurus:  We use our voices to build support networks. Words have weight. Confident speech. Common sense. Practical communication.

May 15th – New Moon 24 Degrees Taurus: We set intentions around cultivating safety and security, and transforming our relationship to material assets. Body positivity. Financial stability. Stabilizing boundaries. Beginning new projects with a firm game plan.  

May 15th – Uranus Enters Taurus: We enter a new cycle with the promise of revolutionizing our values and changing our relationship to the environment and finances. Now we may have to alter our definition of what it means to have rights, use resources, and “own” property and land and achieve bodily autonomy.   

May 15th – Mars Enters Aquarius: We wield our power to champion the community. Fighting for what is revolutionary. Fighting from a distance. Unorthodox approaches to problem-solving and genius battle tactics are highlighted.

May 19th – Venus Enters Cancer: We find bliss in being nurtured. Love is for the romantic. Emphasis on nesting and creating a beautiful home. Mothering. Vulnerability. The crab without it’s shell. The desire for commitment and intimacy in partnership.

Aries and Aries Rising

Chiron enters your first house of self this month Aries, an energetic preview for the years to come. You may feel chronically misunderstood and underestimated at this time, which motivates you to “retaliate” by proving yourself in social arenas. With the Sun in your second house of resources, you’ll find yourself taking steps to protect your investments, make wise money moves and perform labor with security in mind. It’s a good time for business – you understand the value of maintaining appearances, and this can be a strategy for social success. But Chiron on your Ascendant makes forging energetic breakthroughs with new acquaintances rough. People might see you as consumed with making a name for yourself in the world, when really all you’re trying to do is rise above the world’s limitations. Your vision of yourself as strong and independent is put to the test, forcing you to rely more on your past portfolio and less on present stamina and drive to accomplish your aims. Sometimes we expect to be given what we desire because we know we deserve it. We angle to get what we want by inference; subtly suggesting we need a raise. Lamenting a lack of resources. Loudly pining for a more restful sleep or a slower pace. You need to be very blunt this month. Assertive, not aggressive. If your logic is clear and your confidence radiant, there won’t be any reason for others to say no. But you have to champion yourself, because no one is handing out bonuses or giving vacation days for nothing. The Full Moon in Scorpio on April 29th wants you to ask for the money and power you deserve, especially in business settings. Don’t wait for opportunities to be offered to you – you might be waiting a long time. Advocate for your worth and demand the resources that will assist you in building safety nets. Act in your own best interest. Get what you want by claiming your territory. The New Moon in Taurus on May 15th asks you to set intentions on thriving in the environment you’ve fashioned for yourself. Own your power. Give your physical body lots of self-love. Put yourself first.  

Taurus & Taurus Rising

It’s your birthday Taurus! This month has many gifts for you, but the most prominent will be the gift of discernment. At this time, you see to the heart of the matter. As Mercury cycles back through Aries in your 12th house, you wax spiritual in your conversations. You’re thinking of ways to revitalize your spirit (and wallet) through your use of speech, and as your planetary ruler, Venus, enters Gemini, you’ll be able to use dialogues with others as a stepping stone to facilitating harmonious, equitable exchanges. In particular, take note of how conversations with the right people can positively impact your financial standing, home situation or work environment. Your words now serve as insulation, and people are drawn to you because you make them feel secure and appreciated. But you also know when to cut ties and reclaim your time. Your time is valuable, and despite your inclination towards peace, you also know who and what not to waste your time on. In an effort to infuse your reality with self love and luxury, you’re also thinking big picture about what your identity means in the broader world. How do you see yourself living out your personal philosophies? You now practice what you preach, and ideologically pragmatism dominates your lifestyle, which means you’re using what you have instead of overextending. You demonstrate strength in partnerships, so your ideology can’t be derailed, and neither can your passion for truth. The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 29th wants you to explore intense self-love. This is the day to treat yourself! Acknowledge your intelligence, beauty and worth. You have a tremendous capacity for compassion when in relationship, but these are the very qualities that can leave you open to being taken advantage of. With this Moon, release fears of solitude, self-denial and secrecy in relationship. Say yes to accepting what you deserve: namely, everything. During the Taurus New Moon on May 15th, invite in security and abundance for the year to come. On this day, Uranus will enter Taurus and land on your Ascendant. Be prepared for new recognition. Others may now see you differently, responding to sudden, electric energy infusing your character. This could indicate a change in self-expression, a recognition of genius, or a revolution in style and dress. A whole new you! The world isn’t ready for Taurus!

Gemini and Gemini Rising

This month Gemini, you’re being subconsciously driven by devotion to soul needs. As Venus enters Gemini on April 24th, your inner workings vary greatly from your outer ones. The public, per usual, views you as your typical self, gregarious and up for socializing, but under this comparatively sedentary, inward-looking time, your closest comrades might not be able to tell quite what’s going on in that mind of yours. The reality is that you’re now seeking to understand your own power on a greater level, and that requires a degree of solitude in order to witness your strengths divorced from the public eye. Because you’re being forced to slow down and be present, there may be some unpleasant truths you’d rather not have to deal with. For one, you may have to confront your anger during Taurus season. Anger is a good thing. It prevents stagnation. It inspires action. Unprocessed or suppressed anger can also be overwhelming, and as it can manifest in physical ways, it would be wise to channel aggression into an expressive form – perhaps a self-defense art, or exercise routine. Your sexual stamina is quite potent now. Make sure all parties are on board for a raucous time before diving in. Because of the energetic ups and downs, give yourself time to rest and relax away from the social sphere. Indulge in self-care. Get real with your responsibilities. Align your spiritual center with your physical impulses and urges. During the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 29th, seek serenity. Pamper yourself. Let go of the need to always be everywhere at once, to always be emotionally present and available for others’ needs. Release fears of not being “useful”. The Taurus New Moon on May 15th trines Pluto Rx in Capricorn in your 8th house. Meditate on breaking through unconscious/subconscious patterns of spiritual scarcity. Let yourself evolve and grow. Allow yourself to be a force for your own vision, instead of someone else’s. Set intentions around self-expression and feeling safe in your mind, body and soul.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

This month, Cancer, work on recognizing how your connections to others can become obligations by way of honorable intentions. The Taurus Sun is now moving through your 11th house of friendships, and a heady mix of Mars, Saturn and Pluto are coalescing in your 7th house of partnership, priming you for transformations in the romantic sphere that you will continue to see playing out over the course of the year. The main concern this month is this: how to keep community commitments while growing and evolving in one-on-one partnerships? You could now feel like partnerships are more burdensome than inspiring, while the social sphere in spring beckons you to play. But just because relationships take work doesn’t mean they aren’t rewarding, and you understand this logic. Rather than separating the two, take your partner to a party. Or look for a mate who’s also your pal. Don’t risk a split personality trying to play two distinct roles. And there’s another factor at play; Chiron, the wounded healer, has just made its ingress into Aries, currently sitting pretty at the peak of your chart, a placement that astrologers call the Media Coeli, or MC. Think of the MC as a point of social expression. If the Ascendant is a first impression, then the MC is how you outwardly reveal yourself to the world; your public impression. And right now, with Chiron in Aries, you may be doubting yourself, doubting your talents, and worst of all, you may feel like everyone can see your insecurities. The good news is, most people are usually too self-absorbed to notice someone else’s’ self-deprecation, but it doesn’t make your anxiety any less real. Over the next few months, as you place focus on your relationships, remember to take care of your needs, to take social siestas when necessary, and to explore your own ambitions, even if they differ from your peer group. By internalizing your own ideology, and being your own leader, you act as inspiration for others, even if you feel out of step during the course of your journey. The Full Moon in Scorpio on April 29th is a chance to publicly offer your creative gifts. Be a leader, not a follower. Focus on building safe spaces. Honor your talents and strengths. Remember that passion as well as a clear head are required for any enterprise. The New Moon in Taurus on May 15th mitigates Chironic fears of inefficiency and lack of self-esteem. You feel steady and purposeful today, expressing passionate feelings in stable unions with friends and allies. You have the potential to meet people who uplift your mission and identity. Set intentions around finding community that recognizes your uniqueness.

Leo and Leo Rising

You’re all business this month Leo, but the Taurus Season agenda is less about hogging the spotlight and more about acknowledging you have myriad choices and paths to true agency. You are the arbitrator of your own destiny. As the Sun moves through the 10th house of the social sphere, eyes will be on you. Venus’ ingress into chatty Gemini in your 11th house of friends additionally ensures a sunny disposition. Your ideas are popular now, and you’re generous with your time and energy. The Sun trining Saturn Rx in your 6th house of work lends a responsible air, and compels recognition for your diligence, aptitude and attention to detail in professional affairs. How to make all of these transits work together? The mantra for month: everything is a negotiation. And when you’re negotiating, you see where you have leverage and where you’re being taken for a ride. Business might hit a comfortable stride, functioning as a form of meditation during Taurus season, but there will be two influences vying for dominance: Sun trine Saturn (being recognized for your hard work) and Mars conjunct Pluto in the 6th house (is the work your doing your true calling? Do you have a secret passion yearning to be expressed?). The feelings both transits engender may take precedence at different times. You might spend the month grinding away at your day job and feeling satisfied, no worse for wear. Or you could increasingly find yourself entertaining new outlets for your energy, new ways of making money and new ways of being of service. You may want to act immediately, but there is really no need, as transformation is not an overnight process. Trust that this is only the beginning of a change to how you perform labor, and therefore a change, inevitably, to your future life and lifestyle. Explore your motives for why you do what you do. Get cozy with some of your fears regarding self-sufficiency, poverty consciousness, or worries of debt or illness. When you’ve faced underlying anxieties, the road ahead won’t seem so treacherous. It will seem familiar and worth a little risk to reap rewards of soul fulfillment. The Full Moon in Scorpio also squares the North Node in Leo in your first house of self. There’s that question of evolving to reach your destiny again. Does the safety and security of your work-life balance keep you from reaching for your dreams? The New Moon in Taurus on the 15th asks you to set intentions around thriving at work, and feeling safe to express yourself emotionally. If you have the conviction to own your power in the public sphere, then nothing can stop you from succeeding in whatever arena you choose.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

Your aim this month Virgo, is to set concrete goals in line with a philosophical expansion in belief. If you believe in wellness, in independence, in service, this is all well and good. But Taurean philosophy can also become rigid. Stubborn. Slow to change course, accept help or acknowledge faulty logic. Obsessed with perfection. These attributes may be keeping you from seeing paths to holistic growth, especially as your chart ruler, Mercury, is headed through your 8th house of transmutation in Aries. You’re now focused on self-development in a mentally aggressive, feisty fashion that wants immediate satisfaction. This month, when you catch yourself feeling frustrated or hung up, examine your past. Look to your childhood for the root of patterns of belief. What circumstances necessitated locking on to an idea as a means of security? Why might you have gotten mired in a particular conviction at the expense of ideological experimentation? You’ll likely find prohibitive structures especially disconcerting at present (financially prohibitive, culturally prohibitive, ethically prohibitive). You might wrestle with the concept of exclusivity: it can make one feel desirable, but at what cost? Exclusion aims to create safety, but usually only accomplishes building walls. It is a practice often learned in youth, especially from childhood peers. How much of who you are is really who you were? Don’t be afraid to take a psychic deep-dive. If anything, you’re not afraid to explore this month, and that can make you more comfortable with change and restructuring than you might otherwise be. You can rewire your belief patterns to assist yourself, your family and those who mean the most to you in feeling safe, comfortable and cared for. The Full Moon in Scorpio falls in your third house of communication. How does your emotional attachment to details keep you from seeing the big picture? Today is especially good for fusing detail-oriented work with artistic/business savvy. The New Moon in Taurus on May 15th wants you to set intentions around living and breathing your own philosophy – acting right, buying right, living right – in accordance with your morals and ethics. Lead by example. Respect your mind and body. Respect others and their own autonomy. The truly rich are are those rare individuals who are willing to explore themselves and the world with a curious mind and an open heart.

Libra and Libra Rising

The Sun leads you into deep waters this month, Libra. During Taurus season, you must slow the pace and lean into visceral sensation; seek inspired environments; use imagination to conjure desires. Take stock of what you have. A safe place to sleep? Three meals a day? Clothing? These are all luxuries. The Taurean instinct may be to crave more; to crave what will bring respect in the eyes of others. Respect, so thinks the Taurus Sun, equates to security. This month is a special medicine for this impulse. Wealth, beauty and titles bestowed by society are transient – they are rooted in perceived value systems. The way to success, paradoxically, is to understand you don’t need status to define you. Taurus season grants the Libran the ability to see through bullshit patriarchal paradigms. Your mission is to wield personal power with authority in order to manifest the security you crave. Set your own standards. Walk that line between hedonism and stoicism. The Sun trines Saturn Rx in Capricorn in your 4th house of home and lineage – a grounding influence. A narrative imposed upon you in childhood keeps you focused, perhaps one that venerates hard work. Or the inspirational guidance of an older family member may serve as a barometer for success. This influence grants stamina; with it you can move your energy through a variety of fertile channels. The Full Moon in Scorpio on April 29th is a reminder not to invest in ideology where security and wealth are tools of manipulation. All transactions are in some sense quid pro quo, but authenticity and awareness of how and why you exchange your power, money and autonomy in order to obtain security and safety is critical. Equally important: don’t build your security on the back of another’s work out of convenience. You have your own offering waiting to be birthed. You reap what you sow. Enjoy the fruits of your own labor. During the New Moon in Taurus on May 15th, make an outline for a passion project. Set intentions around using your energy body, conscience and psychic powers to inform your financial and interpersonal investments.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

You’re on the cusp of breakthroughs regarding power and purpose, Scorpio. This month, the Sun moves into your 7th house of relationships, spending the first part of the month in a trine with Saturn Rx, the planet of responsibilities, in your third house of communication. How might this manifest? A meeting of the minds? A collaborator in financial or technological projects? A romantic interest who inspires respect, and respects you equally? Chance encounters with those who have access to status and prestige? Saturn in the third house suggests talking about serious things, gathering data and putting it to concrete use, but the Taurus Sun, while stubborn in its own right, steers conversation back into comfortable territory. This month you might be in a rather amorous mood, doting on relationships in the interest of creating prosperous alliances. Venus in Gemini in your 8th house of sex and transmutation echoes the communication theme and suggests that a romance might be brief but transformative in its ability to get you thinking critically about new ideas. The Full Moon on the 29th falls in your sign. Bluntly, what do you look for in other partners that you believe is lacking in yourself? There’s the statement that opposites attract, but usually we’re attracted to dimensions of another person’s psyche that compliments our own. Are you looking for, or pairing with, someone who completes you or someone who uplifts you? What ways can you gain comfort and security from within in ways that you commonly look to be provided for by outside means? The New Moon in Taurus on May 15th has some very Uranian transits and might introduce you to dormant aspects of your unconscious soul purpose. Revolution is now on your mind. How can your actions become tools of innovation and genius? Set intentions around welcoming in abundance and self-confidence that attracts similar personalities with high-minded goals and ambitions.



Sag and Sag Rising
Work is easier when you set practical goals this month, Sagittarius. With the Sun entering your 6th house, you’re all business. Work feeds your ego, and also provides an outlet for your physical energy. Structure and deadlines help rather than hinder your process, but try not to become obsessed with getting every detail perfect, or you may lose the Taurus Sun’s knack for organic aesthetic and artistic experimentation. Right now your aim is to create peace in the workplace. You want others to know they can count on you and that you’ll do your best work, just try not to get stubborn and sullen if you don’t get immediate recognition for it. With the Sun trining Saturn Rx in your money house, this is a good time to take on responsibilities if you are serious about your path. It could lead to a future payoff in job security or money. If you’re not at your dream job, what steps can you take to get there? As Venus moves into Gemini and your house of relationships, people are attracted to what you have to say and how you present your ideas. The faith of others is a surprising mood boost – it’s good to feel respected and valued. The Scorpio Full Moon on April 29th is a chance to heal emotional wounds. What power do your secrets hold? They can protect as well as blind. At this time, you may have to admit that your convictions are built upon a foundation that can only hold up in the privacy of your imagination. Giving more power than necessary to these beliefs can make for paranoia, denial and emotional distance. Those secrets you’re keeping because you think they protect you might just be leading to a harder fall down the road. Be brave enough to dig deeply into your private ambitions and attitudes to probe for imbalances. Don’t deceive yourself in an effort to create material, emotional or physical security nets. Be open to sharing your life with others. The New Moon is a time for body positivity! Your body is your vehicle for interfacing with and understanding the world and it needs love, pampering and adornment. Make peace with perceived “flaws” and set intentions around understanding that you are strong, resilient, beautiful and most of all worthy.

Cap and Cap Rising

Taurus season primes you for transformational experiences, Capricorn. Mars is hanging out in your house of self this month, and on April 25th, the warrior planet conjuncts Pluto Rx, the planet of the unconscious, at 21 degrees. Pluto spends about half of the year in retrograde motion, so it’s effects are powerful by virtue of a slow build. Think of a comet entering the atmosphere, gaining momentum. Picture it’s impact. Mars is just about to catch up with Pluto when it makes it’s Retrograde about face, so the result is practical energy colliding with shadow impulses. You’re waking up, coming terms with your passions, your unconscious drives and hidden desires, and learning how to control them. Mars asks if you’re fighting for the right reasons. Pluto destroys safe masks that hide you from yourself. Are your battles high-minded? Do they uplift your spirit? Your community? Mars and Pluto sextile Jupiter Rx in Scorpio in your 11th house of friends; how do your alliances facilitate connection to your soul purpose? Taurus season will be revelatory for the seeker, but Pluto Rx is a crafty influence, and you may cling to secrets during this time. Secrets grant the upper hand – they grant power. Be mindful that your secrets can become obsessions, building walls that interrupt self- awareness. The Full Moon in Scorpio on April 29th suggests you need recognition in social circles. To gain this recognition, prove you can intuitively predict and provide what the people want. Teach! Invent! Believe in your genius! Trust in your creative and psychic strengths. Do something out of the ordinary to wake up your senses. This influence shouldn’t be wasted in an office. The New Moon in Taurus on May 15th allows you to merge psychic self-awareness and creative manifestation, i.e, dream it and do it. A good time to start a passion project. The Sun and Moon trine Pluto Rx, echoing the theme of transformation. Set intentions around embodying the drama of your five senses. Believe in your ability to build, beautify, and bloom.

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising
As the Sun moves through your fourth house of roots, nesting takes priority, Aquarius. You’re now happy to retreat to the comforts of home and the presence of those who know you best. This is an optimal season to spend with family, or to reflect on your growth and evolution through the lens of family dynamics. And yet, throughout the month, it may become clear that your desire to be helpful conflicts with your own self-care. Family interactions speak to unconscious responsibilities, real or imagined. If you’re attempting to receive validation or praise by putting in time with relatives, prepare to be assigned the role of caretaker, errand-runner or facilitator. That might suit you just fine. Or, you might wind up with a Christ-complex, thinking nothing could be accomplished without you. It’s not your job to be the martyr. It’s important that you only give energy to others without depleting yourself, as you also have a responsibility at this time to focus on your own healing, and connection to whatever spirit validates you. In fact, part of the familial focus is to illustrate where you need to open your heart as well as where you need to define your boundaries. This influence spurs classic situational conflicts of interest: you return to the country home only to find you thrive better in the pace of the city. Or you partake in religious ceremony as a favor to your parents, but it clashes with your chosen belief system. When you hold space for others, don’t just pay lip service. Make sure you connect from an authentic place rather than one of blind complicity, or else your Sun will not truly be shining. The Full Moon on April 29th wants you to explore this theme more intensely. How are the roles you’ve crafted for yourself in the private and public sphere at odds? Has the environment which you grew up in predetermined your business goals and ethics? Have the people you are closest to molded your personal boundaries or lack thereof, spilling into what you will tolerate at the office or with coworkers? Pay attention to psychic triggers – they will assist in exposing subconscious truths to your own ego so you can process them. It’s time to let go of some of your identity assumptions so you can evolve into new success at work. The Taurus New Moon on May 15th asks you to honor where you have come from. Without it you would not be where you are now. More than any other sign, this day acts as a soul rebirth. Set intentions around owning your cosmic birthright. Nothing stands in your way except your belief of how much you are or aren’t capable of.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

You’ll want to talk a lot about your values and your priorities during Taurus season, Pisces, but it is important that you stay open-minded and listen as well as speak. Pay attention to associations forged or stabilized between April 20 and the 7th of May, as the Sun moves into a trine with Saturn Rx in Capricorn. Build bridges and form alliances that give a platform to your point of view. By owning your vision, it can materialize in social context. Chiron, the wounded healer, moves out of Pisces and into Aries and your second house of matter this month, acting as a useful catalyst to examine your value systems and internal compass. You may encounter a sudden feeling of financial or physical vulnerability. As Chiron will be moving back into Pisces later this year before it’s full Aries transit, this time serves as a good preview of the themes its future movement will touch upon. The Full Moon in Scorpio can be used to examine the balance between your need to feel safe and your need to explore the deeper shadows of your truths. The Taurus Sun is terrestrial and may wish to stay on the surface, as the Moon beckons you to probe your psyche in order to get to the root of worries and phobias. You may find that you work hard because of a primal fear related to loss or lack. The Moon sextiles Saturn Rx in Capricorn and the Sun aspects Saturn Rx in trine during the Full Moon. The atmosphere is supportive. Use this time to release apprehension around your work. The New Moon in Taurus on May 15th is a reminder to appreciate how unconscious influences regulate personal success. We shouldn’t be driven by our fears but we can use them to recognize underlying objectives and motivations. Set intentions around aligning speech with ethical standards, seeking security in self and the community, and absolving fears of dissenting opinions or values which you think cheapen or lessen your path.

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